In this great river of life we are able to offer many things, but the greatest work we can do is to give in the innocence of our  heart.

Offerings are enjoyed world wide for a variety of different purposes; for  healing, paying homage, for prayer and rituals.  The offerings you will find are as diverse  as the cultures from which they have grown.  We see these rituals embedded in the traditional cultures as they honor deities or pray for auspicious weather.  How are these offerings healing, and is there a place for this sacred act in the modern world?

The intent for offerings varies greatly, and I could speak of these things for many pages, but I would like  to concentrate on how integrating a simple offering practice based on gratitude can be a valuable element to peace and self mastery.  So often in this world we are caught up in a mind game of gain and rush.  We are looking for the  next thing we “need” or want.  How often do we pause to truly  offer appreciation for the incredible things we already have?

The body itself is an amazing miracle of biological functioning that science cannot begin to emulate, for this be thankful.   Our food and water granted from the labor of the earth and soils, perfectly nourishing for  our life, for this be thankful.  Next time you are near to somebody, anybody…look a little more deeply into their eyes and see they have  struggles like you, yet they maintain, for this be grateful.    All these things plus so much more give us the opportunity to fully experience this life.  We get so involved in trying to fix what seems to be wrong we forget how to embrace the things that are so right, and this causes more discontent.

Take a valuable moment to recreate yourself in a more harmonious way.  Take some roses, sage, and/or dried corn  to a natural place where you feel drawn.  Rivers and streams can be nice, but waterfalls are not suggested.  Feel your body surrounded and protected in sunlight and give thanks for gifts that have been bestowed on you…your car, home, family…take a little time to feel how these blessings enrich your life.  Feel the love of your heart pouring into your offering, and release it to  nature.  Stand grounded to the earth and work to hold this feeling throughout your days.  Repeat this as often as you  can.  This will help greatly in a sense of acknowledging the things that are important to you, helping you to prioritize a busy life and stay connected to the things really matter.

On a deeper note, the vibrational resonance of your gratitude has a positive impact on the world around you.  If you are familiar with the work of Dr. Emoto, you may recall the impact our thoughts can convey through matter.  This energetic exchange can help to heal within, as well as help to heal our environment which is under so much stress.  Yes, this simple act can make an impact on the wellness of the earth, as well as opening you to deeper receptivity for greater blessings.

For more information or guidance on offerings, please call or email.  I have been fortunate enough to work directly with the Kogi people of Columbia in initiation to facilitate sacred earth offerings.  Also see the links to Dr. Emoto’s work below.  Blessings!


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