Vipassana Meditation

Once one sits in silence long enough, they will find the universe there staring back at them, in this moment it is realized that the emptiness is actually full of life and harmonies of its own.

Sometimes my life is like some renegade garden, in which I have planted many seeds seemingly at random all over the vast forest of my travels.  I forget what I have planted and often fear nothing will grow at all because I am not obsessively tending to each seed.  But rather frequently a seed will spring up at an opportune moment, and I will be enjoying the flower  of my planting.  This is one of those times.

The Vipassana Program is a ten day intensive meditation.  It is comprised of long days begininng at 4am bound in the precept of Noble Silence, no one speaks through the duration of the retreat.  The food is very basic including evening fasting.  No caffiene, meat, music, writing, or yoga, just silent meditation.

The seed of Vipassana was planted long ago by a good friend who  had done the course.  She always impressed me with her patience and groundedness, she was very in tune with her own creative energy, and this was something that I felt I lacked in.  I considered doing the Vipassana retreat often, but the discipline rather scared me.  A few months ago my sister was undergoing some transitions in her life and was considering Vipassana.  I urged her to watch the “Dhamma Brothers”, a wonderful documentary on the benefits of the meditation in prison facilities.  As it turns out, she didn’t watch it until I came to visit.  We watched the movie and cried, I felt inspired to search upcoming retreats since I have a few weeks before my classes begin.  There was one course, but it had a long waiting list, so I half filled out the application and forgot about the whole thing.

Last night I received the call that there is space available, and so suddenly I am thrown into this idea again.  I suppose many great things happen very spontaneously, and in this way you can be swept into the timeless flow of destiny without the interruption of your own resistances.

So, here I am feeling swept off to this retreat for ten days.  I imagine it will help greatly to bring deeper inner peace and clarity.  I see it as a detoxifying experience as well as one that will further my own health desires, including once and for all giving up coffee…eek!  This I perceive will be my greater challenge, but who can say what will arise when we face the interior of ourselves?  I hope to connect deeper with my own creativity, and to feel more clarity in my path.

Until Next time, I hold you all in heart and Noble Silence~


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