Dancing in Infinity (Return from Vipassana Retreat)

One piece of a journey, a thread unraveled in my inner knowing.  As I reached deeply to the core of my earth experience, the thread of unconscious action comes undone, spinning quicker and quicker and I emerge, dancing in infinity with a peace in my heart greater than I could believe, and a love with the magnitude to pierce spiritual and physical realms further than I could perceive.

I just spent 11 days in Vipassana meditation and it was nothing short of amazing.  I think this could be beneficial for anyone, and I like the simplicity of the structure that makes it available for people at all stages along their path.  Basically you come in to live the life of a monk for a brief period.  Waking up to chimes at 4am and sitting in meditation for around 10 hours a day.  The course is offered for free and the food was delicious vegetarian fare served by previous Vipassana students who developed a desire to offer service.  This was a very service oriented program adding to the feeling of gratitude that you could feel emanating around the place.

There were so many aspects to this journey, I will make this brief, but it could go on.  The technique was based on an old Buddhist form and was very effective for deep relaxation and coming to terms with the roots of suffering.  I appreciated the wise teacher (Goenka), his words illuminated me in many ways and I felt a sincere peace when I listened and took the messages to heart.

My experience was very detoxifying, no words, no phones or computers and clean food.  This was precious for me to develop the silence needed to access the deeper realms of my spirit.  By day three I felt my soul fully, and I was working deeply in the spiritual realm to heal hurts and pains from past lives and throughout my spiritual journey.  I felt direct connection with divinity and had many revelations about my journey in this life.  I was dancing in the infinite spiritual plane, healing old karmas and samsaras quickly.

My prior training helped facilitate these phenomenal experiences, so not everyone delved this deep, but each person seemed to emerge with a sense of peace and harmony in their lives that was much richer than they had before.  To find this in a time of so much stress was very special.  Overall this technique and retreat in its atmosphere and simplicity offers a better way to handle life and a way to  break through to the inner recesses of spirituality.  I suggest it for everyone. There are centers worldwide Vipassana Centers and I have included a few tips below 🙂  I wish you deep inner peace along your path.

Tips for Vipassana Retreat

  • Do not bring expectations
  • Be prepared to sit for ten hours a day, they provide some pillows and blankets, so I was fine, but if you need bring cushions
  • Bring your own tea: they offered great food, but I was not thrilled about the tea selection, next time I would bring my own and a travel mug
  • Make a strong commitment to stick to the practice, there will be challenges
  • Be prepared to share space with others: I enjoyed the accomodations, but others felt it was a tight fit, being simple(not to picky) is key to a good experience
  • Appreciate what it took to bring you this experience and practice it in your daily life afterward
  • Enjoy!

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