Sacred Life

“We serve life not because it is broken, but because it is Holy” —Mother Teresa

As I walk closer to the harmonies of nature it is clearer to me every moment that all the education we need is stored within the intelligence of the earth and the interaction with the cosmos.  The multitude of beauty springing from the womb of Gaia shows how life can flourish when we live with love.  The perfect symbiotic growth of and combinations of elements are an orchestra conducted by divinity waiting for us to stop to listen to the song.  Every moment becomes sacred when you realize the the intricacies it takes to sustain life, it is truly miraculous.  Today I honor the birth of the sun.

Winter solstice has been celebrated throughout time as the rebirth of the light unto the world, fires are lit in this time of cold in celebration of the cycles of life that keep turning.  All things change, though it may be dark at times the light shall return, a powerful lesson to hold in times of struggle.  But for me keeping a  deep connection to the sun- life force is all healing, protecting and fulfilling.  I stand alone in the sun and as I am filled with that nourishing light I can perceive the divine intelligence that keeps all life in motion.

The sun speaks a language of its own, asking us to connect to the life force so that we may once again know unity as people.  The sun dances with the great earth mother providing fertility from which all things can be born, this dance is shared in my heart, which then emanates all the colors of the spectrum.  This is a grand light that shines on all beings the same, not one is loved above another, and we learn humbleness.

Connection with the sun is imperative to the harmonious and happy life.  It activates the pineal gland, which reconnects one with  spiritual awareness.  It offers protection from negativity, and it is the cosmic equivalent to unconditional love.  Today I offer my thanks to this emanation of divinity for all of life, and I celebrate the return of the light.

May all moments be sacred~

One day the sun admitted,
I am just a shadow.
I wish I could show you
The Infinite Incandescence
That has cast my brilliant image!
I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The astonishing Light
Of your own Being



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