Love Water

Cool, clean and inviting, who doesn’t love Water?   Pools, baths, gardens, oceans…water evokes a since of power, purity and creation.  If you awoke this morning and found you had no running water in your home, imagine how your day would be different.  

In our world today 1 in 6 people currently have no access to safe drinking water and more than twice that (2.4 billion people) lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. The forecast is not good, human demands have exceeded the supply.  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts that in less than 20 years around 1800 million people will be living in areas where there is not enough clean water.  The statistics are alarming, but there is hope.

Through educated consumerism, conservation and education we can dramatically reduce our overconsumption of this precious resource. The largest factor in this needless exploitation is a lack of education and responsibility. Fortunately, there is much knowledge and technology available to help conservation efforts.  As a society it is time to bring into awareness and practice ways to alleviate stress on where our water is going, what we can do to conserve most maximally and why water is important to us.  By utilizing water conservation techniques not only do we insure water availability but we can also improve other aspects of our life, including, but not limited to, better health and international relations. (This is an excerpt from a longer paper I wrote with full statistics).  Please also look at the water crystal experiments by Dr.  Emoto, profound research documenting the impact our intent has on water purity.  Amazing work!

Visions from Atlantis

A vision comes to me, is it a vision of the future or a memory?

My most recent spiritual journey unfolded during the final days of the civilization of Atlantis.  This was incredible and it was very clear, this was not just a message for myself, but a message to all who are awakening at this time on Earth.

There was an ancient time of amazing health and prosperity on Earth as the people here were aligned spiritually, and humans knew how to interact in harmony.  Not just harmony on Earth, but as conscious beings within the greater galaxy.

I awake and I am in a golden temple, the energy that permeates this place is a very high vibration, and I can tell it is very healing.  The temple is of pyramidal shape.  it acts as a conduit of energy, and a portal to the benevolent light beings from Sirius.  My people and I can transform earth and human energy to keep this portal activated.  In this way we have contact and travel with higher celestial places and beings.

Sexuality is sacred in this time.  A sacred art that humans are trained in, to create a beautiful, channeling energy.  This energy runs from the Earth planet matrix and combines with the soul songs of the conscious beings elevating their energy together.  As the energy elevates, the souls ascend the sacred spiral staircase, they can travel anywhere in the universe, they commune with the souls they can bring here, and many other things.  This energy flows directly to the spiritual sun, and acts as bridge to transfer healing and protective light to our planet.  This art was cherished, and for many years the people kept it sacred.

I was a holder of such knowledge, and I was trained to help others in the proper expression of this powerful energy.  I loved my partner deeply, and we held a spot of leadership in the temple.  I see the people around my court at that time, and I realize they are the same people in my life now. The story unfolds quite dramatically, with a lesson for all.

In this time we receive spiritual messages by divine beings through visions and crystal mandalas.  We began to receive that there were beings who would work to infiltrate our home, and cause many things to be poisoned.  Each person for their own reason dismissed the message.

The new beings arrived in the light of the moon, which at this time, was a bringer of great positive feminine energy, so we were not afraid.   They came embodied as beautiful men and woman, and were very elegant of tongue.  We welcomed them to the court, and let them stay under the delusion that they were part of our race traveled from afar.  One by one each of our personal weaknesses were exposed, and with each mistake our fate became sealed.

This was an alien race created by Legion, they were able to steal bodies of humans.  To survive they needed to feed on human energy. Their plan was to create ways to manipulate and hold human energy.  Our court was a great conductor of this energy, and thus very valuable to them.

In this time, a woman had come from a neighboring clan, and my partner had taken her for a lover.  Convinced by a friend that there were more exotic ways to make love than my own practice permitted, he was seduced by this younger woman.  I was at a loss, and I blamed myself for the affair.  I felt I needed to be younger, and more beautiful.  The new beings in the court seemed to have powerful magic for youth, and so I obtained an amulet from them.  The crystal was said to bring youth and radiance.  I wore this piece everywhere, and slowly the magic of the piece began to interrupt my energetic connection with the divine energies that sustained me.  I began to more easily fall prey to the tricks and lies of the new beings.

It was found out that the woman my partner had taken to was part of a harem of a neighboring  King.  She was planning to steal from us, and wished to have a child with him in an attempt to become the first wife of the King to have a child.  This was all exposed to me, and in my spite, I publicly revealed her.  I suggested (not convicted, and just to see my husbands reaction) that we should kill her as a traitor.  The court was in a riot, and my husband, very jilted agreed to the death.

In this turmoil of the court, the alien beings had started their deceptions with others.  Using distorted sexuality, fear tactics, and illusions of grandeur they began to trick many of the people around me into their plan.  I had just given birth to a child, and the beings suggested that he be indoctrinated to their priesthood, to learn their ways and magic.  I consulted my adviser, and she ensured this would be wise.  [When I read the whole records, I can see what was really going on, and get insight on the things I could not see at the time, in this case the woman had been coerced to persuade me to agree to this thing through blackmail. ] The scheme was also endorsed by others who, fed by jealousy, wanted our place in the temple.

My vision was skewed, and things kept getting stranger around me. I very naively listened to all the talk I heard, and took it as truth.  The time came for the celebration and the exalting of the child into the alien priesthood, as I was deceived into thinking it would be a grand day.  The alien beings held my child up between them, and killed him there, in front of everyone.  My childs blood spilled on sacred ground, part of a dark rite to gain control of the energetic matrix of that place.  [if you research the history of the ill uminati groups, you will find all places they take over begin with an assassination of person in power.]  After this tragedy, me and my husband were imprisoned.  The portal of light was sealed to the cosmos, and the place was used to transmit negative energy.  

This was during the last days of Atlantis.  Many other places were infiltrated, and many people were deceived.  Dark energies infiltrated our light race, and became a parasite to our planet. Soon water would take our cities, and our technology would be lost.  Planet Earth was sealed in quarantine from the celestial alliance, and history was erased.

This dark group has kept hold on the human civilization since this time.  They are dressed as humans, but their consciousness is only to mislead and deceive, so that you cannot see the dark rites that feed them.  We have lost our magic and the power of sexuality.  This is a time that we are awakening,  and we must see the traitors in our midst.  We must see that this is why things seem to be in such disarray. We were once a wondrous civilization, and if you delve deeply into your consciousness you will remember.   We let ourselves be deceived in our weaknesses for sex, money and power.  This is my story, and I have seen it is similar for all the people awakening at this time.  It is the moment to see our past, so we can recreate the future.



“You don’t wait for inspiration; it waits for you”
Akiane Kramarik

I have enjoyed this set of blogs, but I felt some serious elements were missing from the first two.  These are deeper elements to tune your energy with the frequencies of your soul mission.  When you can align with your mission and gifts, you will be amazed at what unfolds.  The set of three blogs should work together, cohesively.  Work with each element on its own for a week, 2 weeks, or a month until you feel comfortable and achieve benefits, then move onto the next thing.  Transformation is a journey, revel in each moment of awakening awareness, as you rejuvenate and discover the authentic self.  We are all lightworkers waiting to be found.

11.  Commune in Nature

There is no life without the flow of water, heat of sun, and the womb of the soil birthing food.  Mother nature is the greatest teacher and healer.  We must spend time in appreciation of this, when you can perceive the beauty that you are intricately connected to, it will open the door for true self love.  Spending time outdoors, near the rivers and trees has always offered humanity deep serenity, this is needed more than ever in this time.  When you take time to really absorb nature you will find all the answers you need are written there, in the stars and grasses.  Everything is speaking and singing a unique song, but you must desire to hear it.  Go to nature with no expectation, only wonder, and you will be amazed at the intricate orchestrations that maintain harmonious balance outside of our control.  Breath deep and let the earth energy support and nourish your body and soul.

12. Call for Divine and Angelic Guidance

You are heard.  You may not get the response you desire or expect right away, but there is celestial help waiting for you to call on them.  Due to the divine law of free will, you must call.  My experience with this has been nothing short of stunning.  I believed that if there were such beings, I could never perceive them, how wrong I was!  When your prayers align with the energy of gratitude and innocence, they travel far and uplift your vibration to be connected with these beings.  You may not hear or see divinity and angels guiding you, but if you are calling they are coming to help.  You will begin to see more synchronicity, and unexplained coincidences.  You will feel deeper peace, and possibly you will begin to perceive the lighter energies as they approach.  I worked with angel cards for some years before I was able to be in direct touch with my angel helpers, but they are surely there, they want to help, they see our pain, and wish for a positive evolution for this planet.

A simple prayer : Archangel Michael (or Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Angel guides) please help me stay strong, guide me toward light, and my soul path.  Protect me and my loved ones.  Please reveal to me any answers to my questions in way I can understand.  I am deeply grateful for this life, and your council.  

13. Protect your energy

We have been blinded in many ways to the energetic nature of our being.  We understand that germs in the body can make us sick,  the same goes for negative energy in our luminous or etheric body (see graphic below) Notice the egg shaped outer light body and the chakra system.  This energy body has been acknowledge by intuitives and healers over many cultures and thousands of years, so there really is not much to disputing its existence, it just takes subtle perception to perceive, something very difficult in the modern world.   Clearing your space (#8 Consciousness Tip) will help your perception.  To protect your energy, you must first realize the root of energy coming from the earth is the sexual energy, it has been very common in America to repress this energy.  This depletes the kundalini (upward) flow of energy and weakens the energy body.  This is a science to understand fully, but before you sleep at night you should envision the earth energy rising up through your chakras to the top of the head, reach blue light to the heavens and imagine connecting to the sun energy, filling and sealing your whole body and room in light, then focus it to the heart, fall asleep as heart centered as possible.  Ask for divine guidance and protection.  In the day you should spend at least ten minutes standing in direct sunlight if possible.  This will recharge your luminous light body. Close your eyes and sense the sun pouring through your crown and forehead (this will also activate your pineal  gland, assisting with spiritual sight).  Bring that light all the way down through your chakras, imagine it filling in your belly and chest regions.  Envision your light body spreading out and expanding.  Ask for your energy to be sealed and protected.  That is a basic, and effective way to protect yourself from negativity.  Sage is always great also, and I use basil essential oil when I am in crowds.  Here is a link for a deeper meditation.

14. Detoxify your body

Our bodies are completely inundated with toxins from a million sources.  We live in an environment that is more polluted than ever.  The sources of contamination are endless, and to list them would be overwhelming. Our body has natural ways of detoxing, but since we are overloaded, you should give it a boost, this will help your clarity and balance on all levels, and will improve your spiritual sensitivity.  My personal plan is a basic diet of organic grains and veggies.  Minimal caffeine, sugar, fried food, and processed foods.  Absolutely nothing like sodas, candy, or cigarettes.  About twice a year I do a parasite cleanse, and each season I do an herbal cleanse, and when its warm I juice fast.  I offer detox programs, and wellness plans.  I also try to do a colonic at least once a month.  After each cleanse, I always feel lighter, clearer, and my perceptions are stronger.  I feel more ease in my body, and it helps to release stagnate emotions.

15. Keep a journal

Keeping a written log of your experiences, goals, and obstacles, as you strive to improve your quality of life, can be a very beautiful tool for uncovering the deeper longings of the soul.  We have lost touch with what our soul came to do on this planet, and this causes so much conflict.  When there is conflict within, how can one enjoy life?  We do not recognize the subtle yearnings of the soul, because we have stopped listening.  The intent of the journal is not a daily diary, but a true longing to let the soul express itself.  Write all of your hurts and cares.  See the patterns of conflict that arise in your life, maybe you attract people who do not treat you well, or run from relationships.  There are deeper energies at work here, and you can uncover your life, so that the same patterns do not repeat themselves.  This is an art, it will be just writings at first, but in time, if you hold the intent to communicate with the higher self, something radiant will begin to emerge from the pages.  If there are aspects in your life causing frustration, keep writing about them, find out why, dig deep, look at how you create your own life, and see the lessons the soul is putting you to see.  Do not blame, just perceive, and believe that your destiny is unfolding before you, the challenges are aspects where you can grow, and gain more compassion, for yourself and others.  This is the first step to the more precise art of soul recovery, and can be an amazing way to get to know your self, and enhance this life experience.

I encourage you to integrate some if not all of these tips into your daily life.  You will be amazed at how effectively it will help bring you to a higher vibration, and move you towards unblocking your potential.  Has it ever seemed like there was something more you could be experiencing in life?  These tips will help move you to deeper self awareness and well-being, so you can discover your true potential.

Wishing you many days of love and light!



If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Bruce Lee

“Imagination is the first step to creation”

6. Be in the Heart!

This is the most important thing you can do for yourself.  The heart is where infinity lies, the heart is truly courageous, and here lies your capacity to reach your fullest potential.  Our hearts have been neglected and undermined in the world of over rationalization.  We have been told we  need to define and box our experiences, and this keeps us very limited.  You are much more than a sister, mother, friend, employee etc.  You can safely transcend these roles while staying loyal to them.  Being in the heart requires you stay true to your authenticity no matter what.  This can definitely bring challenges, but this is good because these challenges help make you stronger, they create the experience to bring you to the next level of your being.  I remember the moment I began truly asking my heart for guidance.  I was surprised when I focused on the heart chakra and asked a question, I got an affirmative or negative feeling.  This takes time and practice to separate from our constant mental need to fully define our experience, and the ego will be fighting, but you will notice when you follow this feeling, no matter how crazy it seems, it will lead you to greater happiness.  Always remember, our hearts are powerful, they are never broken, that is only our expectations.  Spend time being fully in the moment with your heart, and you will be amazed the intelligence you find there! Heart Math has done some amazing research on the science of this intelligence, if want to see the heart energy in action.

7. Move your Body!

You may have heard that exercise raises your serotonin levels providing you with higher levels of happiness, an instant way to break out of a funk, but this is only one of the great benefits!  Moving your body relieves stagnate energy, syncs you into the flow of your own natural rhythms, and helps you to develop a deeper relationship with yourself.  This does not mean to do some regimented exercise plan; get creative,  dance, play, do something silly, do something you have never done before, do something hard!  This will activate different parts of your brain, get your blood oxygenated and your body detoxing, and can help break your limitations of what you think your capable of.  When you move your body in new ways (safely, of course) it creates new brain patterns that say “I can do it!”  Try a new work out class, I love yoga, and Bikram yoga is a great challenge.  Jump on a trampoline.  Make up a new dance to your favorite song.  Hike to a new place, whatever it takes to move and do something new.  Reflect on all the obstacles you face while doing this, as well as the sensations after you do it.  Regular exercise is obviously a must also, if you are healthy it is MUCH easier to feel good about yourself.  Remember not to take yourself too seriously, smile and laugh.

8.  Create a sacred space

This should be a space inside that you dedicate to loving and healing yourself.  You may have some type of alter with natural objects, if you choose, but simplicity is key here.  Declutter, get rid of old stagnant energies (stuff)  in your space, this congests the mind, and inhibits flow of energy.  If getting rid of things is difficult try putting some stuff in a tupperware bin in storage, or just dedicate one room to “zen”.  Take some sage (I do recommend this for the whole house), move through the home wafting smoke and imagine gathering negative energy, visualizing and being in the heart is good enough.  Imagine uplifting the energy of this space, pay attention to corners and dark places as energy can get stuck here.  I use a rattle to clear these spaces, and a bell works too, but don’t worry if you don’t have that.  Imagine gathering dense energy and wrapping it in light, then send it to nature through an open window or door with the intent that  it be transformed to light energy.  If you do this often you will naturally become more aware when the energy is getting “dirty”.  This helps create a space for your healing, and it will help you tune with your natural vibration.  When you can tune more clearly with your specific vibration it is much easier to keep negative influences at bay.  This will help you meditate, and to have more clarity on how things in your environment are affecting you, which is very empowering.  If you are interested in learning more about protecting your energy, please email.


9.  Stop the alcohol

The abuse of this substance is pandemic, and it will absolutely inhibit spiritual and personal growth in a million ways.  Most obviously, it is detrimental for you body, even in small amounts.  It destroys the digestive system, and harms brain functioning.  It is high in sugar, which causes a multitude of health disorders including lethargy and weight gain.  It is a depressant.  Alcohol is promoted as a way to have a good time, but in the end it is a depressant.  Depression and lack of motivation is the main reason people feel blocked.   Plus, seriously consider the problem of why someone needs to distort reality to enjoy something.  Probably whatever they are doing really isn’t that fun to begin with, or they could enjoy it sober.   In the time since I have freed myself from this vampire of my time, energy and money, I have acquired more sincere friendships, a greater happiness in daily life, less anxiety, and I have accomplished more than I ever thought I was capable of.  There are a million excuses to keep drinking, I know them all, and none of them really stacks up against the beauty of having an authentic experience, free of the oppressive energy of this substance.

10.  Believe in Yourself

By following some of the tips above, believing in yourself will start to become easier, but for most of us we are limited by our own thoughts on our abilities.  We are always going to be short of our expectations.  Many feel that they are not pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough, or capable enough to attain success and happiness. These are all lies.  Each person has unique and beautiful capabilities that are unlike any one elses.  As long as you spend time striving for perfection or comparing yourself to others, you will always feel you are coming up short, always.  You must stop these patterns and negative self talk, and find that you are everything you need, just the way you are.  Greatness does not happen by birth or overnight revelations, it happens in small moments of achievement, and by always doing your best.  Everyday, just agree to make it better than the day before.  You will fall, you will fail, embrace this, because if you do not make mistakes, you are doing nothing at all.  The two misconceptions we seem to have is either some people are perfect already, or that we are too flawed to become better, and neither of these things are true.  There is no perfect, only practice, if you practice ANYTHING everyday, in time you will master it.  I learned this from my friends who are musicians.  I always felt I had no musical talent, some people were just born with it.  I spent time with some people who are amazing musicians and I saw they practiced all day, every day, non-stop.  This is what it takes.  I was horrible at yoga when I began, and refused to even step foot in a class for years.  Now I can keep up, 10 years later,  because I never quit.  Thats it, never give up, believe you are more wonderful than you can imagine, and eventually, you will become that.

Infinite Love along your path~

Unblocking Your Potential 1-5

Is it too late?

We can do no great things, only small things with great love~

Mother Teresa

War, confusion, pollution, corruption…sometimes it seems that the negative things in the world have gone beyond critical mass, and I encounter people daily who feel the destruction is so far beyond their control that they become hopeless.  I have been here, listening to the news, practically unable to move from my couch as fear grips me at the thought of global war and the massive destruction of our most beautiful and critical resources.  The planet is under attack by forces we barely understand, and the instilled government systems and corporations have become unrestrained beasts that we allow to feast from the pure fact that they seem untouchable.  What can one do in the face of serious tragedies plaguing mankind at this hour?

We still have more than enough resources, intelligence and well-meaning people on this planet to make the shift to a more sustainable, harmonious life.  Do not let anyone say that this is not so, because likely they are harboring their own attachment to greed based behavior.  Break away from that stuff.  The number of people ready for a better quality of life and honest governance outnumbers the few corrupt on a scale that makes the “1%”  look like a drop in the ocean.  We have a great power, power in numbers, power in information, and power in time.  Change does not occur overnight, but we must act today to change at all.

What can you do today?  Take care of yourself.  If you do not respect your body and mind, no one else is going to do it for you.  Take action with where you spend your money.  Research and don’t support the unethical corporations.  Buy local and support your community and farmers.  Shift your awareness to the green consciousness, its out there.  The technology is available to reduce pollution and supply  clean energy.  Live simply; do you really need that extra petroleum based lip gloss made with toxic chemicals in a sweat shop in china?? Demand cleaner food, air and water…it is your right as a human to live in a clean place, but you must help create that!

Find your gift and creativity.  Each person has something amazing to share in the world, not just most people or special people, everyone.  It may seem small, but just one person embracing their gift is an inspiration to others.  By doing your best at whatever you do, whether you are a waitress or accountant, you raise the vibration around you.  When you are grateful and enthusiastic for this beautiful life, you will find more opportunities to make a difference.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, this is where the magic happens.  No, your positive attitude alone is not going to conquer Monsanto, but as you ACT on your values, you are setting an example, and opening the opportunity to educate others.

As a people we need to look at our own personal motivations for apathy.  Are we neglecting the beneficial things we can do on a daily basis to pamper our comforts and self motivated desires?  Are we allowing ourselves to be controlled and manipulated out of laziness?  It seems that this is true in many cases.  An example is some of my old “friends”  would say, “well the world is going to shit, so I am going to party [insert here- watch T.V, overeat, shop,  or any number of self indulgent activities]”.  A lame excuse to go destroy your body and the environment simultaneously for some illusion of a good time.  The good time will quickly end if we lose access to clean water.

It is never to late to do the right thing! We all can do something amazing.  Deceiving yourself into apathy is literally feeding the beast, become part of the answer, and stop being part of the problem.       Infinite Love~

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mark henson art

***Art by Mark Henson***

Unblocking your Potential; Top Ten Consciousness Tips (1-5)

In this time as many people are beginning their New Years Resolutions, I have been reflecting on how far I have come in the past years.  I have learned that one must unblock themselves before they can truly reach for the stars of their dreams.  These are my top ten ways to unblock potentiality.  If you are not ready to fully shift to these things, do not feel overwhelmed, they took me years to slowly integrate into my daily life.  You could keep the list and even practice one a month, and it would be greatly beneficial.

The first few items of my list has to do with cleaning and clearing your environment.  One cannot move forward when the path is cluttered with debris.

1.  Reconsider your water

Most water is  fluoridated, Fluoride is a neurotoxin.  This chemical is added to water as kind of a mass medication under the guise of dental health.  The fluoride added to water is different from fluoride found naturally, and obviously, when applied to water there is no dosage regulation.  In my research the argument against fluoride and its harmful side effects, including lowering I.Q.   greatly out weighs any evidence that it is helpful.  I stopped drinking fluoridated water and immediately noticed more clarity in my thought process, and increased ability to employ rational and critical thinking.   It has also been suggested that this toxin blocks our spiritual sight.  I am inclined to believe this due to the fact that I began to have visionary revelations with more beautiful, pristine accuracy as I eliminated this poison.  There are other chemicals to be wary of in tap water as well, I put a filter on my shower head, and the water feels great, and my respiratory health has greatly improved, I do not suffer asthma attacks anymore.

Article on Fluoride

2.  Limit or Eliminate Animal Products

I put limit here because I know eliminating meat and dairy from the diet is very daunting to some, and at this point, it seems like society has normalized the over consumption of animals to the point that it is glorified as healthy and sane.  It is neither.  At what point does consuming the maternal secretions and mucus of an enslaved, pregnant cow (even without considering the high contamination of hormones and antibiotics)  more sane than lets say the juice of an almond or coconut.  The health risk to milk consumption is high, especially if it is non-organic.  The same is with meat products, and if you really knew how these things putrefy in your system because of the long digestive period, you would see it is not ideal for keeping a clean, smoothly running system.   When I stopped eating meat and dairy, my whole world changed for the better.  I was mentally more clear, more active, more perceptive, and happier as I began to understand that I could, in fact, control how I felt.  I realized I could heal my own body, and I could create a healthy environment from eating right.  It was amazing.  Not to mention all the new, wonderful food I got to enjoy.  In addition to this it is good to consider that spiritually we are karmiclly linked to the unethical treatment of animals.  All beings have purpose and consciousness, to re-align with the Earth harmoniously we must give respect to all beings.

Animal Communication

Dairy Health

Time Magazine on red meat

3.  Destroy the box

Yes, I said it.  Destroy it.  There is an invader in your house.  It is stealing your time and energy.  It is lying to you and keeping you hypnotized with false ideas of reality while preventing you from having real life experiences.  You think this is a friend you can relax with, but that is a delusion.  It is filling you with more anxiety through tons of fear based programming.  I quit watching television the week after the September 11 attacks in 2001.  I watch informative documentaries when I need some down time, maybe once a week.  I used to watch the news every day, and after Sept.11 all the newscasters were clearly replaced with actors, and it was obvious that the propaganda machine was fully instilled.  There are ways to get real news and real entertainment, mainstream T.V.  is not one of them.  Now, when I am around T.V. I can feel the whole vibration is dense, and it is clear I am being manipulated by advertisers making millions to create sensational traps for my money and mind.  I find it offensive.  Also, I have found that when I speak with people that watch large amounts of T.V.  they have extreme trouble formulating deep logistical thoughts. They are conditioned to react to the world based on a thin layer of superficial assumptions, and 2 minute time frames, which is very dangerous.  Liberate yourself from this madness.  This extends to video games also.  These compress your energy, and with the proof of the dangers of programming (brainwashing), it is just not worth the risk.

Brainwashed to Assassinate (Discovery Channel)

4.  No GMO’s

Clearly it is better if you can have an all organic diet, but we all know this can be expensive.  I personally think it is best to find the way to budget organic, but if this is not accessible for you, then at least take out the GMO’s.  Chronic Fatigue, Inflamation, Allergies, Digestive Disorders, Neurological Damage and Infertility are all side effects of Genetically Modified Organism’s that are being used in massive amounts in the mainstream food supply.  The foods you must buy organic or GMO free are : corn, soy, wheat, meat, dairy, and canola.  This will eliminate almost all prepackaged goods, but it is imperative to good health and natural functioning, which is the only way to achieve success in life. Watch the mini-documentary below, (the full length is great too) and seriously question why our food supply is so contaminated.

Genetic Roulette 10 minute Remix

5. Begin a meditation practice

This is a simple and free way to transform your life.  The benefits of meditation are nothing short of miraculous.  Clean out the clutter of the mind, tune with your higher truth, clear negativity, and improve your health.  You can start with a few minutes each day, focus on your breath, center yourself and you may be amazed at what turns up.  As you begin to slow the anxiety and constant need for mental stimulus, you begin to see the world in a more peaceful way.  The ability to be more conscious in your actions comes automatically.  You do not need much, just a quiet place to sit  and determination to quiet the mind, this is made easy with focus on the breath.  As you slow yourself let thoughts drift by without attachment, and be aware of the revelations your spirit would like to share with you.  I went to a Vipassana retreat, which I found to be a wonderful instructional way to learn meditation (Vipassana Blog).  Keep a journal to track your progress and the things that arise, and remember, like anything, this takes time and practice.  I practice for an hour in the morning and at night, and it has transformed my life, from helping helping me to overcome alcohol addiction to eliminating conflict in relationships.  It is noticeable when I miss my practice.  

How to Meditate

Tips for Meditation

The quality of your life is in your hands, become informed and clear the blocks to your own potential.  Any one can have a fulfilled and creative life, I wish you the best on your journey! Consciousness Tips 6-10