Unblocking your Potential; Top Ten Consciousness Tips (1-5)

In this time as many people are beginning their New Years Resolutions, I have been reflecting on how far I have come in the past years.  I have learned that one must unblock themselves before they can truly reach for the stars of their dreams.  These are my top ten ways to unblock potentiality.  If you are not ready to fully shift to these things, do not feel overwhelmed, they took me years to slowly integrate into my daily life.  You could keep the list and even practice one a month, and it would be greatly beneficial.

The first few items of my list has to do with cleaning and clearing your environment.  One cannot move forward when the path is cluttered with debris.

1.  Reconsider your water

Most water is  fluoridated, Fluoride is a neurotoxin.  This chemical is added to water as kind of a mass medication under the guise of dental health.  The fluoride added to water is different from fluoride found naturally, and obviously, when applied to water there is no dosage regulation.  In my research the argument against fluoride and its harmful side effects, including lowering I.Q.   greatly out weighs any evidence that it is helpful.  I stopped drinking fluoridated water and immediately noticed more clarity in my thought process, and increased ability to employ rational and critical thinking.   It has also been suggested that this toxin blocks our spiritual sight.  I am inclined to believe this due to the fact that I began to have visionary revelations with more beautiful, pristine accuracy as I eliminated this poison.  There are other chemicals to be wary of in tap water as well, I put a filter on my shower head, and the water feels great, and my respiratory health has greatly improved, I do not suffer asthma attacks anymore.

Article on Fluoride

2.  Limit or Eliminate Animal Products

I put limit here because I know eliminating meat and dairy from the diet is very daunting to some, and at this point, it seems like society has normalized the over consumption of animals to the point that it is glorified as healthy and sane.  It is neither.  At what point does consuming the maternal secretions and mucus of an enslaved, pregnant cow (even without considering the high contamination of hormones and antibiotics)  more sane than lets say the juice of an almond or coconut.  The health risk to milk consumption is high, especially if it is non-organic.  The same is with meat products, and if you really knew how these things putrefy in your system because of the long digestive period, you would see it is not ideal for keeping a clean, smoothly running system.   When I stopped eating meat and dairy, my whole world changed for the better.  I was mentally more clear, more active, more perceptive, and happier as I began to understand that I could, in fact, control how I felt.  I realized I could heal my own body, and I could create a healthy environment from eating right.  It was amazing.  Not to mention all the new, wonderful food I got to enjoy.  In addition to this it is good to consider that spiritually we are karmiclly linked to the unethical treatment of animals.  All beings have purpose and consciousness, to re-align with the Earth harmoniously we must give respect to all beings.

Animal Communication

Dairy Health

Time Magazine on red meat

3.  Destroy the box

Yes, I said it.  Destroy it.  There is an invader in your house.  It is stealing your time and energy.  It is lying to you and keeping you hypnotized with false ideas of reality while preventing you from having real life experiences.  You think this is a friend you can relax with, but that is a delusion.  It is filling you with more anxiety through tons of fear based programming.  I quit watching television the week after the September 11 attacks in 2001.  I watch informative documentaries when I need some down time, maybe once a week.  I used to watch the news every day, and after Sept.11 all the newscasters were clearly replaced with actors, and it was obvious that the propaganda machine was fully instilled.  There are ways to get real news and real entertainment, mainstream T.V.  is not one of them.  Now, when I am around T.V. I can feel the whole vibration is dense, and it is clear I am being manipulated by advertisers making millions to create sensational traps for my money and mind.  I find it offensive.  Also, I have found that when I speak with people that watch large amounts of T.V.  they have extreme trouble formulating deep logistical thoughts. They are conditioned to react to the world based on a thin layer of superficial assumptions, and 2 minute time frames, which is very dangerous.  Liberate yourself from this madness.  This extends to video games also.  These compress your energy, and with the proof of the dangers of programming (brainwashing), it is just not worth the risk.

Brainwashed to Assassinate (Discovery Channel)

4.  No GMO’s

Clearly it is better if you can have an all organic diet, but we all know this can be expensive.  I personally think it is best to find the way to budget organic, but if this is not accessible for you, then at least take out the GMO’s.  Chronic Fatigue, Inflamation, Allergies, Digestive Disorders, Neurological Damage and Infertility are all side effects of Genetically Modified Organism’s that are being used in massive amounts in the mainstream food supply.  The foods you must buy organic or GMO free are : corn, soy, wheat, meat, dairy, and canola.  This will eliminate almost all prepackaged goods, but it is imperative to good health and natural functioning, which is the only way to achieve success in life. Watch the mini-documentary below, (the full length is great too) and seriously question why our food supply is so contaminated.

Genetic Roulette 10 minute Remix

5. Begin a meditation practice

This is a simple and free way to transform your life.  The benefits of meditation are nothing short of miraculous.  Clean out the clutter of the mind, tune with your higher truth, clear negativity, and improve your health.  You can start with a few minutes each day, focus on your breath, center yourself and you may be amazed at what turns up.  As you begin to slow the anxiety and constant need for mental stimulus, you begin to see the world in a more peaceful way.  The ability to be more conscious in your actions comes automatically.  You do not need much, just a quiet place to sit  and determination to quiet the mind, this is made easy with focus on the breath.  As you slow yourself let thoughts drift by without attachment, and be aware of the revelations your spirit would like to share with you.  I went to a Vipassana retreat, which I found to be a wonderful instructional way to learn meditation (Vipassana Blog).  Keep a journal to track your progress and the things that arise, and remember, like anything, this takes time and practice.  I practice for an hour in the morning and at night, and it has transformed my life, from helping helping me to overcome alcohol addiction to eliminating conflict in relationships.  It is noticeable when I miss my practice.  

How to Meditate

Tips for Meditation

The quality of your life is in your hands, become informed and clear the blocks to your own potential.  Any one can have a fulfilled and creative life, I wish you the best on your journey! Consciousness Tips 6-10 


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