Is it too late?

We can do no great things, only small things with great love~

Mother Teresa

War, confusion, pollution, corruption…sometimes it seems that the negative things in the world have gone beyond critical mass, and I encounter people daily who feel the destruction is so far beyond their control that they become hopeless.  I have been here, listening to the news, practically unable to move from my couch as fear grips me at the thought of global war and the massive destruction of our most beautiful and critical resources.  The planet is under attack by forces we barely understand, and the instilled government systems and corporations have become unrestrained beasts that we allow to feast from the pure fact that they seem untouchable.  What can one do in the face of serious tragedies plaguing mankind at this hour?

We still have more than enough resources, intelligence and well-meaning people on this planet to make the shift to a more sustainable, harmonious life.  Do not let anyone say that this is not so, because likely they are harboring their own attachment to greed based behavior.  Break away from that stuff.  The number of people ready for a better quality of life and honest governance outnumbers the few corrupt on a scale that makes the “1%”  look like a drop in the ocean.  We have a great power, power in numbers, power in information, and power in time.  Change does not occur overnight, but we must act today to change at all.

What can you do today?  Take care of yourself.  If you do not respect your body and mind, no one else is going to do it for you.  Take action with where you spend your money.  Research and don’t support the unethical corporations.  Buy local and support your community and farmers.  Shift your awareness to the green consciousness, its out there.  The technology is available to reduce pollution and supply  clean energy.  Live simply; do you really need that extra petroleum based lip gloss made with toxic chemicals in a sweat shop in china?? Demand cleaner food, air and water…it is your right as a human to live in a clean place, but you must help create that!

Find your gift and creativity.  Each person has something amazing to share in the world, not just most people or special people, everyone.  It may seem small, but just one person embracing their gift is an inspiration to others.  By doing your best at whatever you do, whether you are a waitress or accountant, you raise the vibration around you.  When you are grateful and enthusiastic for this beautiful life, you will find more opportunities to make a difference.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, this is where the magic happens.  No, your positive attitude alone is not going to conquer Monsanto, but as you ACT on your values, you are setting an example, and opening the opportunity to educate others.

As a people we need to look at our own personal motivations for apathy.  Are we neglecting the beneficial things we can do on a daily basis to pamper our comforts and self motivated desires?  Are we allowing ourselves to be controlled and manipulated out of laziness?  It seems that this is true in many cases.  An example is some of my old “friends”  would say, “well the world is going to shit, so I am going to party [insert here- watch T.V, overeat, shop,  or any number of self indulgent activities]”.  A lame excuse to go destroy your body and the environment simultaneously for some illusion of a good time.  The good time will quickly end if we lose access to clean water.

It is never to late to do the right thing! We all can do something amazing.  Deceiving yourself into apathy is literally feeding the beast, become part of the answer, and stop being part of the problem.       Infinite Love~

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mark henson art

***Art by Mark Henson***


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