If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Bruce Lee

“Imagination is the first step to creation”

6. Be in the Heart!

This is the most important thing you can do for yourself.  The heart is where infinity lies, the heart is truly courageous, and here lies your capacity to reach your fullest potential.  Our hearts have been neglected and undermined in the world of over rationalization.  We have been told we  need to define and box our experiences, and this keeps us very limited.  You are much more than a sister, mother, friend, employee etc.  You can safely transcend these roles while staying loyal to them.  Being in the heart requires you stay true to your authenticity no matter what.  This can definitely bring challenges, but this is good because these challenges help make you stronger, they create the experience to bring you to the next level of your being.  I remember the moment I began truly asking my heart for guidance.  I was surprised when I focused on the heart chakra and asked a question, I got an affirmative or negative feeling.  This takes time and practice to separate from our constant mental need to fully define our experience, and the ego will be fighting, but you will notice when you follow this feeling, no matter how crazy it seems, it will lead you to greater happiness.  Always remember, our hearts are powerful, they are never broken, that is only our expectations.  Spend time being fully in the moment with your heart, and you will be amazed the intelligence you find there! Heart Math has done some amazing research on the science of this intelligence, if want to see the heart energy in action.

7. Move your Body!

You may have heard that exercise raises your serotonin levels providing you with higher levels of happiness, an instant way to break out of a funk, but this is only one of the great benefits!  Moving your body relieves stagnate energy, syncs you into the flow of your own natural rhythms, and helps you to develop a deeper relationship with yourself.  This does not mean to do some regimented exercise plan; get creative,  dance, play, do something silly, do something you have never done before, do something hard!  This will activate different parts of your brain, get your blood oxygenated and your body detoxing, and can help break your limitations of what you think your capable of.  When you move your body in new ways (safely, of course) it creates new brain patterns that say “I can do it!”  Try a new work out class, I love yoga, and Bikram yoga is a great challenge.  Jump on a trampoline.  Make up a new dance to your favorite song.  Hike to a new place, whatever it takes to move and do something new.  Reflect on all the obstacles you face while doing this, as well as the sensations after you do it.  Regular exercise is obviously a must also, if you are healthy it is MUCH easier to feel good about yourself.  Remember not to take yourself too seriously, smile and laugh.

8.  Create a sacred space

This should be a space inside that you dedicate to loving and healing yourself.  You may have some type of alter with natural objects, if you choose, but simplicity is key here.  Declutter, get rid of old stagnant energies (stuff)  in your space, this congests the mind, and inhibits flow of energy.  If getting rid of things is difficult try putting some stuff in a tupperware bin in storage, or just dedicate one room to “zen”.  Take some sage (I do recommend this for the whole house), move through the home wafting smoke and imagine gathering negative energy, visualizing and being in the heart is good enough.  Imagine uplifting the energy of this space, pay attention to corners and dark places as energy can get stuck here.  I use a rattle to clear these spaces, and a bell works too, but don’t worry if you don’t have that.  Imagine gathering dense energy and wrapping it in light, then send it to nature through an open window or door with the intent that  it be transformed to light energy.  If you do this often you will naturally become more aware when the energy is getting “dirty”.  This helps create a space for your healing, and it will help you tune with your natural vibration.  When you can tune more clearly with your specific vibration it is much easier to keep negative influences at bay.  This will help you meditate, and to have more clarity on how things in your environment are affecting you, which is very empowering.  If you are interested in learning more about protecting your energy, please email. Whitelotusawakens@gmail.com


9.  Stop the alcohol

The abuse of this substance is pandemic, and it will absolutely inhibit spiritual and personal growth in a million ways.  Most obviously, it is detrimental for you body, even in small amounts.  It destroys the digestive system, and harms brain functioning.  It is high in sugar, which causes a multitude of health disorders including lethargy and weight gain.  It is a depressant.  Alcohol is promoted as a way to have a good time, but in the end it is a depressant.  Depression and lack of motivation is the main reason people feel blocked.   Plus, seriously consider the problem of why someone needs to distort reality to enjoy something.  Probably whatever they are doing really isn’t that fun to begin with, or they could enjoy it sober.   In the time since I have freed myself from this vampire of my time, energy and money, I have acquired more sincere friendships, a greater happiness in daily life, less anxiety, and I have accomplished more than I ever thought I was capable of.  There are a million excuses to keep drinking, I know them all, and none of them really stacks up against the beauty of having an authentic experience, free of the oppressive energy of this substance.

10.  Believe in Yourself

By following some of the tips above, believing in yourself will start to become easier, but for most of us we are limited by our own thoughts on our abilities.  We are always going to be short of our expectations.  Many feel that they are not pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough, or capable enough to attain success and happiness. These are all lies.  Each person has unique and beautiful capabilities that are unlike any one elses.  As long as you spend time striving for perfection or comparing yourself to others, you will always feel you are coming up short, always.  You must stop these patterns and negative self talk, and find that you are everything you need, just the way you are.  Greatness does not happen by birth or overnight revelations, it happens in small moments of achievement, and by always doing your best.  Everyday, just agree to make it better than the day before.  You will fall, you will fail, embrace this, because if you do not make mistakes, you are doing nothing at all.  The two misconceptions we seem to have is either some people are perfect already, or that we are too flawed to become better, and neither of these things are true.  There is no perfect, only practice, if you practice ANYTHING everyday, in time you will master it.  I learned this from my friends who are musicians.  I always felt I had no musical talent, some people were just born with it.  I spent time with some people who are amazing musicians and I saw they practiced all day, every day, non-stop.  This is what it takes.  I was horrible at yoga when I began, and refused to even step foot in a class for years.  Now I can keep up, 10 years later,  because I never quit.  Thats it, never give up, believe you are more wonderful than you can imagine, and eventually, you will become that.

Infinite Love along your path~

Unblocking Your Potential 1-5



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