“You don’t wait for inspiration; it waits for you”
Akiane Kramarik

I have enjoyed this set of blogs, but I felt some serious elements were missing from the first two.  These are deeper elements to tune your energy with the frequencies of your soul mission.  When you can align with your mission and gifts, you will be amazed at what unfolds.  The set of three blogs should work together, cohesively.  Work with each element on its own for a week, 2 weeks, or a month until you feel comfortable and achieve benefits, then move onto the next thing.  Transformation is a journey, revel in each moment of awakening awareness, as you rejuvenate and discover the authentic self.  We are all lightworkers waiting to be found.

11.  Commune in Nature

There is no life without the flow of water, heat of sun, and the womb of the soil birthing food.  Mother nature is the greatest teacher and healer.  We must spend time in appreciation of this, when you can perceive the beauty that you are intricately connected to, it will open the door for true self love.  Spending time outdoors, near the rivers and trees has always offered humanity deep serenity, this is needed more than ever in this time.  When you take time to really absorb nature you will find all the answers you need are written there, in the stars and grasses.  Everything is speaking and singing a unique song, but you must desire to hear it.  Go to nature with no expectation, only wonder, and you will be amazed at the intricate orchestrations that maintain harmonious balance outside of our control.  Breath deep and let the earth energy support and nourish your body and soul.

12. Call for Divine and Angelic Guidance

You are heard.  You may not get the response you desire or expect right away, but there is celestial help waiting for you to call on them.  Due to the divine law of free will, you must call.  My experience with this has been nothing short of stunning.  I believed that if there were such beings, I could never perceive them, how wrong I was!  When your prayers align with the energy of gratitude and innocence, they travel far and uplift your vibration to be connected with these beings.  You may not hear or see divinity and angels guiding you, but if you are calling they are coming to help.  You will begin to see more synchronicity, and unexplained coincidences.  You will feel deeper peace, and possibly you will begin to perceive the lighter energies as they approach.  I worked with angel cards for some years before I was able to be in direct touch with my angel helpers, but they are surely there, they want to help, they see our pain, and wish for a positive evolution for this planet.

A simple prayer : Archangel Michael (or Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Angel guides) please help me stay strong, guide me toward light, and my soul path.  Protect me and my loved ones.  Please reveal to me any answers to my questions in way I can understand.  I am deeply grateful for this life, and your council.  

13. Protect your energy

We have been blinded in many ways to the energetic nature of our being.  We understand that germs in the body can make us sick,  the same goes for negative energy in our luminous or etheric body (see graphic below) Notice the egg shaped outer light body and the chakra system.  This energy body has been acknowledge by intuitives and healers over many cultures and thousands of years, so there really is not much to disputing its existence, it just takes subtle perception to perceive, something very difficult in the modern world.   Clearing your space (#8 Consciousness Tip) will help your perception.  To protect your energy, you must first realize the root of energy coming from the earth is the sexual energy, it has been very common in America to repress this energy.  This depletes the kundalini (upward) flow of energy and weakens the energy body.  This is a science to understand fully, but before you sleep at night you should envision the earth energy rising up through your chakras to the top of the head, reach blue light to the heavens and imagine connecting to the sun energy, filling and sealing your whole body and room in light, then focus it to the heart, fall asleep as heart centered as possible.  Ask for divine guidance and protection.  In the day you should spend at least ten minutes standing in direct sunlight if possible.  This will recharge your luminous light body. Close your eyes and sense the sun pouring through your crown and forehead (this will also activate your pineal  gland, assisting with spiritual sight).  Bring that light all the way down through your chakras, imagine it filling in your belly and chest regions.  Envision your light body spreading out and expanding.  Ask for your energy to be sealed and protected.  That is a basic, and effective way to protect yourself from negativity.  Sage is always great also, and I use basil essential oil when I am in crowds.  Here is a link for a deeper meditation.

14. Detoxify your body

Our bodies are completely inundated with toxins from a million sources.  We live in an environment that is more polluted than ever.  The sources of contamination are endless, and to list them would be overwhelming. Our body has natural ways of detoxing, but since we are overloaded, you should give it a boost, this will help your clarity and balance on all levels, and will improve your spiritual sensitivity.  My personal plan is a basic diet of organic grains and veggies.  Minimal caffeine, sugar, fried food, and processed foods.  Absolutely nothing like sodas, candy, or cigarettes.  About twice a year I do a parasite cleanse, and each season I do an herbal cleanse, and when its warm I juice fast.  I offer detox programs, and wellness plans.  I also try to do a colonic at least once a month.  After each cleanse, I always feel lighter, clearer, and my perceptions are stronger.  I feel more ease in my body, and it helps to release stagnate emotions.

15. Keep a journal

Keeping a written log of your experiences, goals, and obstacles, as you strive to improve your quality of life, can be a very beautiful tool for uncovering the deeper longings of the soul.  We have lost touch with what our soul came to do on this planet, and this causes so much conflict.  When there is conflict within, how can one enjoy life?  We do not recognize the subtle yearnings of the soul, because we have stopped listening.  The intent of the journal is not a daily diary, but a true longing to let the soul express itself.  Write all of your hurts and cares.  See the patterns of conflict that arise in your life, maybe you attract people who do not treat you well, or run from relationships.  There are deeper energies at work here, and you can uncover your life, so that the same patterns do not repeat themselves.  This is an art, it will be just writings at first, but in time, if you hold the intent to communicate with the higher self, something radiant will begin to emerge from the pages.  If there are aspects in your life causing frustration, keep writing about them, find out why, dig deep, look at how you create your own life, and see the lessons the soul is putting you to see.  Do not blame, just perceive, and believe that your destiny is unfolding before you, the challenges are aspects where you can grow, and gain more compassion, for yourself and others.  This is the first step to the more precise art of soul recovery, and can be an amazing way to get to know your self, and enhance this life experience.

I encourage you to integrate some if not all of these tips into your daily life.  You will be amazed at how effectively it will help bring you to a higher vibration, and move you towards unblocking your potential.  Has it ever seemed like there was something more you could be experiencing in life?  These tips will help move you to deeper self awareness and well-being, so you can discover your true potential.

Wishing you many days of love and light!



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