Visions from Atlantis

A vision comes to me, is it a vision of the future or a memory?

My most recent spiritual journey unfolded during the final days of the civilization of Atlantis.  This was incredible and it was very clear, this was not just a message for myself, but a message to all who are awakening at this time on Earth.

There was an ancient time of amazing health and prosperity on Earth as the people here were aligned spiritually, and humans knew how to interact in harmony.  Not just harmony on Earth, but as conscious beings within the greater galaxy.

I awake and I am in a golden temple, the energy that permeates this place is a very high vibration, and I can tell it is very healing.  The temple is of pyramidal shape.  it acts as a conduit of energy, and a portal to the benevolent light beings from Sirius.  My people and I can transform earth and human energy to keep this portal activated.  In this way we have contact and travel with higher celestial places and beings.

Sexuality is sacred in this time.  A sacred art that humans are trained in, to create a beautiful, channeling energy.  This energy runs from the Earth planet matrix and combines with the soul songs of the conscious beings elevating their energy together.  As the energy elevates, the souls ascend the sacred spiral staircase, they can travel anywhere in the universe, they commune with the souls they can bring here, and many other things.  This energy flows directly to the spiritual sun, and acts as bridge to transfer healing and protective light to our planet.  This art was cherished, and for many years the people kept it sacred.

I was a holder of such knowledge, and I was trained to help others in the proper expression of this powerful energy.  I loved my partner deeply, and we held a spot of leadership in the temple.  I see the people around my court at that time, and I realize they are the same people in my life now. The story unfolds quite dramatically, with a lesson for all.

In this time we receive spiritual messages by divine beings through visions and crystal mandalas.  We began to receive that there were beings who would work to infiltrate our home, and cause many things to be poisoned.  Each person for their own reason dismissed the message.

The new beings arrived in the light of the moon, which at this time, was a bringer of great positive feminine energy, so we were not afraid.   They came embodied as beautiful men and woman, and were very elegant of tongue.  We welcomed them to the court, and let them stay under the delusion that they were part of our race traveled from afar.  One by one each of our personal weaknesses were exposed, and with each mistake our fate became sealed.

This was an alien race created by Legion, they were able to steal bodies of humans.  To survive they needed to feed on human energy. Their plan was to create ways to manipulate and hold human energy.  Our court was a great conductor of this energy, and thus very valuable to them.

In this time, a woman had come from a neighboring clan, and my partner had taken her for a lover.  Convinced by a friend that there were more exotic ways to make love than my own practice permitted, he was seduced by this younger woman.  I was at a loss, and I blamed myself for the affair.  I felt I needed to be younger, and more beautiful.  The new beings in the court seemed to have powerful magic for youth, and so I obtained an amulet from them.  The crystal was said to bring youth and radiance.  I wore this piece everywhere, and slowly the magic of the piece began to interrupt my energetic connection with the divine energies that sustained me.  I began to more easily fall prey to the tricks and lies of the new beings.

It was found out that the woman my partner had taken to was part of a harem of a neighboring  King.  She was planning to steal from us, and wished to have a child with him in an attempt to become the first wife of the King to have a child.  This was all exposed to me, and in my spite, I publicly revealed her.  I suggested (not convicted, and just to see my husbands reaction) that we should kill her as a traitor.  The court was in a riot, and my husband, very jilted agreed to the death.

In this turmoil of the court, the alien beings had started their deceptions with others.  Using distorted sexuality, fear tactics, and illusions of grandeur they began to trick many of the people around me into their plan.  I had just given birth to a child, and the beings suggested that he be indoctrinated to their priesthood, to learn their ways and magic.  I consulted my adviser, and she ensured this would be wise.  [When I read the whole records, I can see what was really going on, and get insight on the things I could not see at the time, in this case the woman had been coerced to persuade me to agree to this thing through blackmail. ] The scheme was also endorsed by others who, fed by jealousy, wanted our place in the temple.

My vision was skewed, and things kept getting stranger around me. I very naively listened to all the talk I heard, and took it as truth.  The time came for the celebration and the exalting of the child into the alien priesthood, as I was deceived into thinking it would be a grand day.  The alien beings held my child up between them, and killed him there, in front of everyone.  My childs blood spilled on sacred ground, part of a dark rite to gain control of the energetic matrix of that place.  [if you research the history of the ill uminati groups, you will find all places they take over begin with an assassination of person in power.]  After this tragedy, me and my husband were imprisoned.  The portal of light was sealed to the cosmos, and the place was used to transmit negative energy.  

This was during the last days of Atlantis.  Many other places were infiltrated, and many people were deceived.  Dark energies infiltrated our light race, and became a parasite to our planet. Soon water would take our cities, and our technology would be lost.  Planet Earth was sealed in quarantine from the celestial alliance, and history was erased.

This dark group has kept hold on the human civilization since this time.  They are dressed as humans, but their consciousness is only to mislead and deceive, so that you cannot see the dark rites that feed them.  We have lost our magic and the power of sexuality.  This is a time that we are awakening,  and we must see the traitors in our midst.  We must see that this is why things seem to be in such disarray. We were once a wondrous civilization, and if you delve deeply into your consciousness you will remember.   We let ourselves be deceived in our weaknesses for sex, money and power.  This is my story, and I have seen it is similar for all the people awakening at this time.  It is the moment to see our past, so we can recreate the future.



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