Can you afford a healthier diet?

I get a lot of great reviews about the dishes I create, and to be honest they are relatively simple to make.  Organic, Vegan and nutritionally dense.  The people I cook for are always happy, yet often they struggle to bring this healthy component into their life.  What are the reasons that so many people feel stuck when it comes to eating healthier?  The most common thing that I hear is that it seems too expensive to eat health food all the time.   Many people are caught up on the extra costs at the register when they shop for healthier food, and  to me, this just doesn’t add up. The average annual family healthcare cost are rising every year, Forbes states that an insured family of 4 will pay $20,000 a year in healthcare!  Whoa!  That’s a brand new car!  Now I am not going to say you can avoid all those costs by eating better, but the most prevalent diseases in America are cancers and heart disease, which both can be dramatically reduced with optimal diet.  Fresh foods contain cancer reducing compounds, and because they are nutrient rich you will feel more satisfied, which reduces cravings for too much food and unhealthy snacks.  Obesity is a huge problem with many health risks, lets look at the empty carbs in sodas and snack foods, you don’t need it, and the long term costs…well your health, which is more important than a few dollars. Guess what? Your body naturally has an amazing immune system, many  colds and flu’s we can manage naturally! Whole foods are naturally fortified with many things to boost your immune system making you more resilient to all kinds of bugs, as will as being detoxifying which makes you stronger too!  I have never had a flu shot, and I don’t ever plan on impairing my body that way. Mother nature already provides all we need! I always say is that good diet and nutrition is preventative maintenance, but really it is the central hub to the wheel of life, if your center is weak or off balanced your whole life will be a bit wobbly.  If you still are not sure you can afford a healthier diet, let me share a little insight into my lifestyle and how I offset my grocery costs.
1.  I only buy what I need and keep it simple.  My bathroom has a total two haircare products, compare that to the dozens I see in other bathrooms.
2.  Buy whole foods and grains in bulk.  Avoid packaged goods.  Anywhere you shop, this will save $$
3. I don’t have a T.V., cable, video games etc…I really don’t want them; the average family will spend over $2,000 a month on entertainment, can you imagine how many veggies you could buy for that!!
4. The other side of this is my power bill is incredibly low, $20-30 a month. Compare that to the average of $100 and we see more room for savings.

5.  A simple inexpensive snack of choice: hand popped organic pop-corn with Braggs Amino acids and nutritional yeast, so good, and it costs pennies to prepare

Looking at this I see that money is not really the problem in eating healthy, it is largely where we decide to spend it.  I hope this sheds some light on the cost of Health 🙂