I am creating a masterpiece.  It is to express the tenderness of heart I have gained, the expansive essence that has been reignited by the flame of a great heart.  I want to say I love you, but the words are not enough.  I want to say thank you, this song in my heart neverending.  I do not want to create a masterpiece for fame or money, I have seen these things are nothing when the spirit is in poverty.  I want to create a masterpiece, a living work of art to bring the presence I have found to this realm.  Will this be in verse or paint, will it be created from my own blood?  A masterpiece I cannot own, only be the instrument for.  This masterpiece dreams while you strike the harmonious chord.

Before I walked away from the masterpiece that the Mother dreamed, I  tried to make it my own. I find that impatience is fear, this fear is a clock that exists only in the storybook of time, I outgrow the bedtime story that makes the heart sleep.  This masterpiece is for the wind, written within the letters of your name.  The mountains sing and I catch this in a drop of dew, I send you the fragrant echos of the heartbeat that has been revived, a new canyon forms, an eternal embrace.  The long grass rattles, the ancestors whisper, and I can feel their bones, and I am standing because of their work.

Nothing can hold the flood of the heart in surrender, so it flows like the river to the ocean.  You are the banks holding me softly.  I am creating a masterpiece.  It will not be a building of the mind, it will not fade like all the things of this plane.  It cannot rust or be broken.  The decomposing blessings of this realm, so we remember we will not always be here, we are not from here.  In the morning sun the masterpiece will rise, laboring, sweating, fully participating in life, you will see it, and know you are everything.

I learn that every energy has its place, a meticulous craft to weave and mend.  A tapestry of many colors is made.  The fingers radiating with the gift of light weave, to become the legacy of our love. Do not worry today about the things that cannot be passed to our children, the things that will not last eternally, let them be.  Create a masterpiece with the movements of the ocean, holding each grain of sand sacred, as an emanation of divine love.

I consolidate the days I did not hold this masterpiece, I use them to add a new color to the work.  I keep painting and what was blurry before comes  alive with forms  of  courage and perseverance.  Footprints in the snow disappearing as I fly to meet my maker.  I am empty so I can rise, you consume me with your life, something great is born, and I offer you this.  Something of me, but not mine, something fully for the glory of the divine, we share this masterpiece.