keeping your power

At some point we all have an experience with someone who says or does something that can causes us to feel negatively about ourselves. Sometimes this is intentional, but often times it is just some reaction to pain in that particular persons life that is directed outwardly, mostly unconsciously. It can even be just a pain imagined  that has developed inwardly. Regardless of intention, insulting or degrading comments or attitudes can leave the recipient feeling weak, inferior and upset. This is a natural reaction as we tend to view ourselves through the actions of those in the world around us. If someone implies we are not good enough in whatever way, we  believe that. You may have also noticed that many antagonists seem to have a strong will and confidence that furthers the impact of their insult. This is because anytime we allow someone else to make us feel any less than a fully integrated part of the human family, anytime we allow someone to cause us pain or feel insecurity we are allowing them that bit of our energy to build themselves up. The person agreeing with self doubt becomes weaker, the originator of the ideal becomes stronger and  a power struggle begins. This can be as small as a minor irritation at work or larger as in an abusive relationship; and on an even larger scale between the public and their leaders. The fact is we all have our weaknesses and we all have divine gifts.  The spectrum of individuality is so large who can judge what is more or less important in this world? If we cultivate our own beautiful heart, accept that we must work through our weaknesses and honor others, we can be strong enough not to accept self defeating ideas, no matter where they come from. Once the realization takes place that you are exactly as you should be in this place in time, regardless of societal agenda, based solely on the gift of your life, you will no longer be offended and weakened by the words and actions of others. If you do become offended take it as a chance to grow in your own confidence, reclaim your energy, don’t agree with negative thought structures, and in this way you will become free to explore and find the gifts you have to share with the world. How you feel about yourself is up to you, take charge and define the life you want to live, leaving expectations behind.


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