Before you reach for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil….

You might want to make sure, it’s real. Unfortunately, here we find a great example of the seriously weak food and label standards American consumers are constantly faced with. I found out about rancid oil at an Herbal training I was a part of. Since then every kitchen I have cooked in I taste the oil, and they have all contained rancid olive oil. The oil has gone bad, it tastes stale, and it is very harsh on the digestion. I bring my own olive oil now, but I have found out that buying spoiled olive oil, as common as it is, is not the worst part. In America there are few if any olive oil regulations, and there is no standard for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Marketers can put that on the label no matter what is in the bottle. There have been studies finding that much American EVOO is not Extra Virgin and some of it even contains other oils such as canola. I avoid canola at all costs, so that is seriously upsetting. The best way to ensure your olive oil is what is says it is, is to look for a seal of authenticity from the area that it was bottled. Taste test and smell your oils, it should have a golden, clean aroma and taste. Also, I have also stopped using Olive oil for any kind of cooking as it breaks down easily at high temperatures which can cause health issues, but it is wonderful raw. Coconut oil, Ghee and Sesame oil are much better options when cooking. If you all are interested in more let me know.


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