Embracing Gratitude #5

Life can get busy, it can be hectic, and many times amidst the chaos we lose track of what is important to us.  Creating an environment of gratitude will help us reconnect with these things.

5. Creating an environment of gratitude

I work to have an area for giving thanks in each compartment of my home.  On the dinner table I may keep some corn or flowers to be thankful for the abundance of the earth.  In my room some pictures of the people I am thankful for.  I gather my water from the spring and put inspiring photos of the beauty of water around it.  These small things can help a lot to tune into the beautiful things life has granted us.  It is important to make these spaces special and clutter free.  Spend time in consideration of how these elements benefit you, this positive action will help you balance and be more understanding in times of stress.  This is a short and simple practice that you can apply at home or in your vehicle.  Anywhere that it would be helpful to find grounding.  This practice can lead to the final tip for embracing gratitude which is offerings, which you can read about in a former blog, here: https://whitelotusawakens.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/offering/

Best wishes on many days of Gratitude and Abundance! .