Embracing Gratitude in your life (#1)

Embracing gratitude is a critical component to living a fulfilled life.  When you cultivate this attitude and energy you will naturally experience greater prosperity, joy, and expand your capacity to give and receive love.

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways, but fundamentally it is an inner attitude that creates balance in life.  In order to progress in life we must strive towards this balance.  When nature is functioning in harmony each being has special function and this cycle of reciprocity can be accessed through living gratitude.  The tip below offers some insight on how to begin to cultivate this powerful state of being to bring greater peace to your life and those around you.

  1. Gratitude is more than saying “Thank you”, it is a call to action

Consider the things that you are grateful for around you.  Food, partnerships, home…whatever it is that is bringing you support and nourishment today.  These things did not come to you by accident or entitlement.  All of these things come from a source and an inner need.  In order to maintain the good things in your life you must take care of them, and that care is gratitude.  If you love your home, you will mend it, clean it, and pay the bills, and in this way it is sustained.  If you stop doing these things the home will turn into ruin and you will lose power.  Often we have turned the maintenance of  life sustaining activities into a chore, but if we are truly grateful for what we have, we can actively sustain these things happily.  To embrace gratitude we actively love the things that sustain us.  For example today, find a way to  support your partner instead of complaining about something he or she does.  If you love your home, happily fix something that is broken.  If your job pays the bills, find a way to improve on yourself while working there.  If you are grateful for the water in your home find a way to actively conserve or give  back to nature.  In this process you are bound to learn something new and you will be very surprised and pleased at the results.

More on embracing gratitude in the next blog!


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