Embracing Gratitude–Find your Purpose (#2)


Continuation from yesterdays blog..Embracing gratitude in our lives, how this creates a harmonious and balanced life from which one can move more freely.

 2.Find purpose in your life

In the common day to day life many of us experience a feeling of lack of purpose.  This has actually become so pervasive that it is practically considered normal by some.  Through an oppressive economic system and detachment from nature, many people experience a sense of isolation and frustration in their lives, some not ever understanding the true root of these feelings.  When our capacity to love becomes blocked, when our creative expression is denied we begin to lose the deep feeling of purpose that we were born with.  To unblock the authentic expression of ones being is a process that needs to be considered to recover the vibrant feeling of belonging and purpose which is our right as beings on this planet.  If we do not feel a sense of purpose there will be depression, and in this darkness feeling gratitude becomes very difficult.

Finding purpose is both an act of consciousness as well as a lifelong journey of expressing your inner potential.  There are many things that complicate this expression and awareness, too many to list, but I will give a few tips that can be helpful in recovering a sense of purpose.  Firstly, consider something that gave you joy as a child, maybe something you aspired to do, can you find a way to embrace that enthusiasm today?  Recalling positive motivations from childhood can help us touch the things that would give us a sense of purpose now.  Secondly, recall times that you felt you were able to help someone else, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  Contemplate the moment you were able to be of service to another person, how did you feel?  How did this positively impact the other person?  When we are kind and generous to our fellows we facilitate a positive ripple in society.  Who knows how many people could be changed or affected by one small action.  How do you affect others and how can you live in this consciousness to create a reality that is pleasant and fulfilling.  When you see how you affect others  you can begin to understand that you are essentially purpose in action and when you embrace that responsibly, gratitude will come naturally.

By grace we each hold an individual soul purpose and destiny which is possible to recover.  By living a heart centered life we can begin to align with this purpose again.  We cannot ever find purpose by trying to live some idea of perfection, or living as others think is appropriate for us.  We each have very individual talents that should be cultivated, and the process of recovering these things is an amazing journey to strengthen ones inner fortitude.  By aligning with your souls authentic expression you will know your purpose, and find a great deal of gratitude for the gifts in your life.

I hope this has been inspiring!

With gratitude~


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