Embracing Gratitude Day 3


Day #3 of Embracing Gratitude

Reconsidering “I want”

Everyday we are are reciting a mantra, “I want”, I want”…it is never ending.  I want more money, I want this food, I want love…This is such a constant emanation from our psyche we act as if this is the normal state of being.  “I want”  is a weak statement in itself…In my life I have realized when I use this statement it leaves a lot of room for this want to not be fulfilled, for example;  “I want to do more yoga”, essentially means when nothing else is stopping me I might do yoga.  Whereas, when I say, “I am doing yoga, now”, or “I am doing yoga at 5pm today”, this is actually something that happens.  The reality is when we are stuck in the “I want” loop, we will NEVER have what we want, we are leaving too much room for failure.  Today, I do not want to have a better job, but I begin to create a better job for myself.  That’s the core of this teaching.  The constant ” I want” will leave us always searching, and we will feel neglected because these wants are not fulfilled.  If you really aspire for something you must create a space for it.  You do not “want” a garden, you build it.  Below, I have posted an amazing short video.  The townspeople wanted something different than Abeulo Grillo (Grandmother Cricket) was offering, they were not thankful, and this is the state we find ourselves in collectively today.

Grandmother Cricket

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