Ancient Art of Names

The ancient art of naming has been lost to many cultures, not even a memory of this has survived in the modern world that I grew up in.

An individuals name should help to carry the vibration of their souls mission and destiny.  I have learned about this art through various teachings and experiences.  The first encounter with this notion came through a wonderful book, “Mutant Message Down Under”.  In this book the author describes an aboriginal tradition of waiting to name a child until their talents and work in the community became evident.  In this tribe, there were no birthdays, but when one decided to change their role/societal niche, they would celebrate a name changing day.  I have honored this tradition in my life when I have undergone major transitional and transformational stages.  I have changed my name twice with the intent to hold the energy of the name I have chosen,  in my life this has had amazing results.

There are other cultures who have shared this wisdom. There is a culture in Africa where the Mother will go into nature to tune with the spirit of her unborn child, coming back with a song that she can sing to the child whenever it needs reminding of its special destiny.  I have had friends whose unborn child’s spirit has spoken to them, giving their name and solidifying their souls intent to be born.  This type of communication comes from a highly evolved soul, very clear on its own mission, not all incarnates will be that clear, but they are no less precious.  It is this preciousness of the spirit that must be tuned when embracing a name for the soul path and journey.  There are many studies of the impact vibration has on an individual and the planet, for good or for bad.  The universe is compiled of vibrations which can be healing or harming.  Choosing a name which will hold a special energy for a child or yourself can be very strengthening in an energetic sense, as well as being a reminder of the intent you wish to carry.

I changed my name to Clover, 12 years ago, after finally breaking away from drug addictions and an abusive relationship.   I made the intent to get closer to the Earth, to be more friendly and healthy.  I wanted to be lighthearted after all the sorrow and pain I had experienced.  I wanted to renew myself, and this name helped in so many ways!  When people heard the name Clover, often the reaction would be a smile, this was very healing for me in this time of transition.   I had left behind my past and had very few friends to call on, and this helped me maintain a sense of connection with others.  The name of Clover came to me in an inspiration, and shortly after I incorporated this change and new intent for my life. I was blessed to enter a wonderful school of herbalism, this changed the course of my life dramatically, I discovered a whole new world of healthy, holistic, soul living,  and a lifelong journey towards healing.  Clover embodied this period of growth in my life very fully, but another major transition was waiting to emerge.

I followed my path of Holistic medicines in Asheville for 8 years, learning herbs, yoga, cooking, eco-friendly living, organic farming, flower essences, energy work and much more.  But, there were still big changes I needed to make.  I could not find a fulfilling partnership, I still drank alcohol and was not always very kind to myself or my spirit.  I had a sickness of the heart, and felt very isolated from others.  I felt the Divine Mother calling my soul, but I could not find my voice to answer.  I broke down into prayer and surrender, knowing I could not face these problems on my own anymore.  The universe answered in the form of an amazing spiritual mentor who guided me in the deep healing of my heart and clearing toxic patterns.

As I emerged from the spiritual darkness that had been restricting me I realized there was a great service I was being called to hold.  I was emerging to hold a special knowledge of compassion and healing for community and the planet.  I embraced this love that makes the world flourish, and my soul was enlightened with new vigor, I was changed.  Amora has two meanings, it is “love” in spanish and “light eagle” in Norse.  These both hold the vibrational integrity of my souls mission and the spiritual journey that I committed to, aiding the healing of the Earth Mother. Sattva was chosen because many places demand a last name, and I wanted to reflect that I feel that the whole planet is my family.  In peaceful compassion and relationship, I hold all the plants, animals and humans within my spiritual family.  I work in alliance with these benevolent spirits toward greater harmony for all.  Sattva means “pure, existence”.  I have learned we all emanate from this pure light of existence and together we learn, heal, and rise above the darkness, and so this is the new name I carry.

Much light to all on their path!


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