Heart Song

Let go of everything you have ever known, surrender deeper than you thought was possible, then you will find underneath all the layers of life love is there.

She has been waiting for you, softly calling like a gentle breeze over flowing water.

Will you answer this call?

The breath of lovers who cannot let go after a long embrace,

in that moment the hearts alive in serenity.

In the quiet darkness she was there waiting for you to revel in this wonder of being alive,

and when you reach out your hand you realize that you could not really live without this love.

There was life but it was dry,

this love is the song that enchants the flowers to bloom, can you hear it?

This love gives more than one can comprehend, would you open your heart to receive this?

Only one thing is asked of you,

to give more than you think you are able, to give something of yourself that is truly authentic,

a gratitude for being.

See this love flowing through you, a waterfall of great degree, you find you must set it free or be consumed.

And, when you have touched the mist of this flowing water,

you will know love has always been there waiting to live with you, waiting to set you free.

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