Flower Essences

“Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature” Gerald De Nerval

Flower essences can have a beautiful and profound healing affect on the subtle body. The subtle body is comprised of vibrations interacting with the material and emotional body. Humans have been increasingly numbed to their vibrational body due to massive amounts of stress, loud noise, and frequencies that are disrupting to our natural functioning, including EMF’s. It is very relaxing for us to spend time in a quiet place, in nature, or listening to soft music. This is due to the harmonizing affect of vibrations that are not in conflict with our natural state of being. Each individual has a unique vibration, and so does each flower. Flowers can have a positive effect on healing traumas and discordance in the vibrational body. My work with flower essences began with a Sunflower essence which immediately helped me to break through sadness that was stored in my body to express my more natural sunny disposition. These remedies are not medicinal in the sense of having a strong action on the physical body, but rather they nourish and sooth you at an energetic level. I create flower essences, and through meditation can work directly with each flower to see what healing properties it contains. This has been a very beautiful experience, and it is very amazing to see how willing the plant world is to help humans. Plants and flowers emanate from Gaia, and thus contain this amazing generosity and desire to share their healing with others. In herbal school I learned one does not have to go further than their own front yard for the healing that their soul needs! Look at what flowers call to you, what you are attracted to, and what is nearby, and it is very likely this will be an essence that could sooth your spirit. Flower essences are also very easy to make if you have flowers near you that you would like to preserve. Make sure when you take the essence you do it as a meditative act, with gratitude, if you are rushing, taking it like a pill in the morning it will be very difficult to get good results.
Wishing you much abundance and blossoming!

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