Soul Journey (Contracts and Agreements)

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The issue of soul “contracts” has come up recently.  I encountered an article of strong opinion that the acceptance of the idea of soul contracts was only a continuation of the limitations we have imposed on ourselves in this plane.  A deluded extension of law, government and other rule based systems that have not worked harmoniously with creativity. The opinion was that we should be fully free here to choose our adventures, and any idea counter to this unlimited freedom was an earthly construct of restriction. I felt very strongly to offer my own response because, Soul Contracts, or Agreements, are critical to our evolution and earth journey.

To understand the souls agreements, we first must understand the role of this Mother planet.  We have a budding seed soul, and this planet offers a place to grow and evolve, to learn and amend.  The souls journey does not begin here, nor does it end here, but this is a valuable stop along the way.  We are here to grow in consciousness and to heal karmic debts, whatever the soul is lacking will be reflected, and as we learn lessons we will move on to new lessons. Optimizing the experience here requires the structure of the agreement.

Each soul has an incredibly unique destiny springing from it’s own experiences and specific energy, no path is the same.  For this reason the planet is incredibly diverse, what did your soul come here to do?  Your path will not look like anyone else’s, yet there will always be similarities with the people surrounding you due to the attractive frequencies.  My mentor often relays the story of a man aspiring to be a monk, this seemed to be a lofty spiritual aim certain to bring peace and possibly enlightenment.  A wise person asked the man, why do you strive to be a monk? You have done this for a thousand lives, this is not your destiny.  The aspiring monk was repeating an old soul pattern, he went on to become a great teacher, fulfilling his true soul mission.  This mission gave him new challenges that strengthened the spirit, and offered the amazing chance to help others.  The point being we can do anything we want, freewill is cosmic law, but when we can tune into our individual agreement we will find the challenges that will push us to become better, stronger and more fulfilled.  We will be navigated to the experiences which will help us break karmic patterns, and prepare for the journey ahead.  There are very specific experiences that can bring harmony to your soul, and to navigate these, the soul needs the agreements.

The agreements are made between the soul and creator, charting specific things the soul needs to learn in order to function within higher realms.  The agreement will consist of ways to heal from traumas and to amend for spiritual offenses.  When the soul can achieve these things it is very liberating, and heavenly assistance will be with you.   The consciousness of the souls agreements has been lost to most people, never the less it remains, sacredly written, and the universe will be conspiring to help you find this.  It is the purpose of the souls journey here to fulfill their special agreement, without this you may have many adventures, but you will not be fully engaged with the divine plan for your spirit and your own unique soul destiny.  It is difficult for society to acknowledge these agreements because the intricacies are too vast for the mind to conceptualize.  It does not fit into earthly agendas of fun and success, yet this is the path to true consciousness and spiritual healing.

Wishing you much love and light on your journey!

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