The real “Secret” is no secret: Intro to Daily Manifesting

If you inhale you have to exhale; if you take, you have to give. This is how the divine flow of sacred reciprocity works in such perfection at all levels and in all dimensions.


Many people find that there is a chasm between what they feel capable of achieving and what they are experiencing in their life.  There are many reasons for this, a few of which I will discuss here along with some tips for delving into the abundant life of creativity that is available to everyone.

Firstly, it is critical to understand where the energy to create comes from.  I can have a vision of a painting I wish to paint, but without tools I cannot even draw a picture.  I need a paintbrush, paints, a canvass.  While it seems like these are relatively easy acquisitions, without appreciation from where these resources come, the painting will lack the compelling energy of spirit.  The paints come from minerals and pigments from the earth, the brushes from plants and animals, even synthetic materials are produced from petroleum mined from the planet, this is an element from things living that have come to pass.  In a way modern society has cheated us from the experience of appreciation of the creative complex.  We only see the finished product in the stores and we are imprinted with this notion that manifesting should be an instantaneous event, this is very far from the truth.  The value of knowing what it took to create the brushes and the paints will help bring wisdom to the work as a process.  Understanding process is critical to maintaining the intent needed to manifest your dreams.

Looking to fulfill aspirations in the quickest way possible leads to much burnout and failure.  This is because we are not working within the laws of nature to sustain our projects.  In order to achieve long term success it is critical to tap into a flow that can perpetuate itself.  You can plant a garden in the same place every year, but eventually the yields will decrease as the nutrients are taken away from the soil,  Your immediate success may be good, and you will consider yourself a great gardener, but unless you honor the forces which really grow the food, your crops will become sick and die, you may blame fate, but the truth is you have to give back in order to receive.  This is fundamental to any endeavor.  Whether it is work, relationships or money, reciprocity to the forces that sustain you is critical to abundance.  The garden will need you to return compost or other nutrients to keep the soil healthy.

We all seem to want more money in life.  Do we really understand the origin of money?  We understand we work for it, but what really gives value to something?  The reality is that money is in direct correlation with the natural resources of an environment.  If you sell a product it comes from nature in some way.  In order to sustain the business you must care for the origin of your product, which always begins with the Earth.  When you think of an impoverished people, the image of a deserted environment goes hand in hand, this is not a coincidence.  In order for your endeavors to be supported, you must sustain the deeper origins of life.  When you do this, you will be amazed at how creativity begins to flow more freely in your life.

To be continued..

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