Grace Known

Just a small piece from my writing today…

The price we pay to recover value.

So many tears, so many struggles, so many sorrows, pains, and frustrations…to recover value…

To recover the value of life, and to know the soul.

to recover value for process, for surrender and love.

We lose sight of these eternal foundations chasing fancies, and we must suffer to see that overindulgence in these things takes away life.  it is not a suffering as a great punishment, or some ill fate,  but a suffering so that we turn our hearts to long for the things that will heal, that will nourish, and to develop such a longing in our hearts for wholeness that we beg for  truth and understanding from the stars and rains.  They will reply in simple being, you are already love, born from love, returning to love. If in the suffering you turn your heart to these truths, you will find the Great Mother there, holding you, counting the days until you turn your face toward her and say thank you for all the beauty of life, for in this moment the price you paid to know grace again will be but a grain of sand in the wake of the vast universe unfolding before you.

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