Seeds of Consciousness

Oh, world, beautiful, powerful, fragile world

Fabulous spectrum of seeds, beings, and feeling

Born in a state of dependence, one cannot run or walk, we must struggle for these things
So vulnerable, so impressionable
Never curse your challenge or imperfection
These things aid the souls to learn, and give the opportunity for deeper compassion, deeper generosity
To stay honest in your vulnerability is to let the Divine hand lead you to learn the peace of community, and the strength of giving

I have come to see each challenge that one faces is a seed.  It is a seed of consciousness waiting to grow.  So often we try to hide our shortcomings or exploit our talents, ever yearning for perfection in our happiness. We mask conflict and isolate discomfort.  In frustration of our weakness or imperfection we deny the opportunity to nurture the challenge, and see what may grow from it.  There is no need to bulldoze to the height of our expectation, if we do land there, often we will be alone.  We must engage ourselves gently through the obstacles, honoring the seed of consciousness which is before us.  In our own fragility and vulnerability we can allow someone elses heart to open in compassion and help.  We allow them the opportunity to love deeper and engage strengthening compassion.  Nurturing these seeds is not staying in the problem, but understanding how to transform the problem into a moment to learn and to teach.  In our own challenge we allow others to be more authentic and trusting.  Each seed will continue to grow and blossom as we allow it to cultivate the self for the higher good.  Do not stay in the problem, transmute it, let it be your teacher.  Allow the challenge to grow your heart ever stronger.