Chakra Healing

As more discoveries are made in anthropology and physics it is becoming clear that many ancient mythos hold tangible revelations that pertain to spiritual growth and health.

Many of these ancient traditions speak of 7 gates, seven dimensions, and/or seven energy centers that can be perceived in the human energy field. Balancing these energetic centers is crucial to the integration of the spiritual energy in a way that can be manifest in the material world.  This is a conduit to harmonizing earth and heavenly energies to assist conscious connection to ones  spiritual path.

The Chakra system can be seen as a river of energy running through the center of a human.  There are 7 main centers where energy is held and organized.  Each center correlates with specific needs of awareness for evolution, and to have spiritual clarity they must be cleared of toxic energies and negative imprints.  This is essentially a life work and process, and the sessions I offer are a basis for understanding their function and a foundation for the beginning of this journey.

The chakras have a physical connection in the master glands of the body.  These glands, including the thyroid and pineal gland, have a crucial role  in our development on all levels.  Working to balance chakra energy flow can have direct affects of physical health and well being.  The connection of materiality and spirituality can began to be understood more deeply as we work through this energy system, enabling greater clarity on our interconnectedness to cosmic and earth energy.

The chakra system can be affected by many things.  Environmental and emotional negativity can accumulate and impact these centers in a way that causes blockages.  it can be viewed as a river which becomes polluted and cannot flow properly.  This causes a great amount of stagnation in the human, resulting in depression and feelings that one cannot achieve their potential.  As we clean the river and energy runs more freely, one can experience greater creativity and freedom in their life.

These centers must be aligned in a precise way for proper functioning, and there are many techniques that can over activate the chakras in a way that can be potentially harmful, so it is important to work in with someone who is careful with these subtle energies. The chakras are a gateway to deep spiritual revelation and connection, as well as deep healing when engaged in a safe and heart centered way.

2 thoughts on “Chakra Healing

  1. What resources do you recommend for chakra healing? I perform white light visualisation and have tried some chanting based work before, but was wondering if there was a specific approach you recommend.

    Love your blog and your posts!

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