Dreamwork and Tarot Readings

Have you ever had a dream that took your breath away?  A dream that haunted you or a dream you could not forget?

We spend close to a third of our lives sleeping, and in the dreaming world, this is significant.  Many dreams seem like random thoughts and meaningless expressions, but what if you could unlock the language of the dream to gain insight into your life?  I have worked with the dream language for many years and can help you decode these images to bring awareness of the subconscious acting in you.  For me, dreamwork has led to greater understanding of my inner self and how I relate to the world.  This has given me more balance and wisdom to move forward.  Where can your dreams lead you? Lets find out.  I offer to help you interpret your own dreams, and can help you create a special dreaming space.

I also offer  tarot readings to help you understand the motivations and obstructions to achieving your life’s dreams.These readings help gain clarity on all aspects of life.  By channelling celestial emanations for vibrational readings, and working with the dream enchantress deck and Archangel Michael Tarot I can help to interpret the energies affecting a given situation, and suggest actions that can achieve a positive outcome.

My readings offer the client beautiful insight on obstructions and lessons in their current life process.  I work to uncover the limitations that keep one from solving problems on their own, thus empowering the potential of the person.  Each reading is incredibly individual working with the souls desire to express something to the conscious. I’m look forward to being a guiding light on your journey!

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