Cooking and Empyreal Nutrition

Nourishment…the foundation to good health and balance lies within what we  put in our bodies.  You would not put sugar in your cars gas tank because you rely on that car to get you around.

The body is no different, the fuels we choose have profound impact on where we can get in life.  Choosing high-nutrient foods is vital.  Unfortunately, in today’s busy world we lose track of how to savor this life sustaining activity in a beneficial way.  I offer personal cooking services and classes to help bring true nourishment into your daily life.  Food should be delicious, healthy, and conscious.  I would love to share the wealth of knowledge that I have accrued over the years with you to offer practical, economical ways to enhance your diet, and hopefully ignite a love for delectable dining.  I offer recipes,  dinners, herbal tonics and much more… lets see what I can cook up for you!

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