Junk Science

Junk science

The acceptance of ideas in society today is largely based on the verification of certain facts through a standardized system of scientific method.  While this method has provided a lot of insight on the interactions of our environment, overreliance on so called scientific facts can be very misleading.

Often statistics can be easily influenced through biased approaches that are difficult to define as variables.  Many experiments are used to seek a specific answer, and the ways the results are shared is through the framework of  individual interest.  The effect is  turning science into a quasi-religious structure which people use to base their life choices and arguments upon while undermining the deeper intelligence we are already born with.

In my writings, blogs, teachings and practice what I share comes from a direct perception of spiritual truths as I experience them.  I often state that the things I express are the way that I have seen them, and that being said, they are true for me and I share them with intent to express healing techniques that have helped transform my own life.   Can I back up my work with science?  Yes, I can.  I could state a lot of sites, experiments, and statistics that prove my statements.  My site is not a scientific journal, though.  My aspiration is to empower seekers to find their own truths and strengthen themselves to make the changes they want in their own lives.

I encourage readers to do their own research and to begin to allow their own heart science to be the guide.  Do I need to debate the effectiveness  of a healthy diet?  No, I experience this, it is natural truth, and the heart will agree it is in the individuals best interest to eat well.  You do not need anyone to tell you about protiens, carbs and fats to understand what good food is.  Science is constantly fighting and disproving current “facts” that have been deemed commonplace.  How can one possibly sift through all the information to determine what is best for them?  We have let the dependence on google become more factual than our own inner knowing, and considering all the propaganda out there, it is much better to learn to engage the heart intuition.

For example : I see a parent discipline a child who I is misbehaving because of improper nourishment.  When fed appropriately the child is well behaved.  Heart science can see what a million doctors and books will try to diagnose and give fancy names to while never fixing the issue, and even causing more confusion and disease.  Many people have let  junk science take the role of common sense, and have failed to look at the larger spectrum of influences that affect human welfare.  In this blog series I let heart consciousness, ancient teachings, and direct experience be my guide, and the results of this in my have been verified by a growing field of harmonious interaction in my life.  I hope you take the time to recover your own heart intelligence, and see where this wisdom can lead you!  If you still need more science check the link below 🙂

Heart Math

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