Beyond Christianity

This is a topic that has captivated me since I was a young child, going to bible school and listening to sermons.  My views on Christianity, what it means to me and my relationship with  religion have gone through a lot changes.

I have studied many topics, read a lot of literature.  I have dug through factual accounts, listened to spiritual masters and reviewed what was true in my own heart.  This prose  is meant to be a offering, to grow wisdom, but I know it is such a controversial topic there is a lot of emotion that is inevitably tied into it.

The good side of  religion, to me, seems to be to gather people together in a sense of helpful community and fellowship.  I appreciate that greatly, and I think it is needed in society, but on the other hand exclusivity breeds a certain self righteous behavior that is worth examining.  The levels of christian exclusivity vary greatly between each church and denomination.  Never the less, there is almost always some sense of exclusive behavior with people claiming the name of christians.  This is very often held with some sort of fear of what is different, fear of damnation, fear of evil doings, and so on.  A lot of fear.  The whole religion is actually riddled with fear, and in no way can I condone this as healthy.

Fear of judgement, fear of god, fear of womans curse,  fear of satan, fear of sin, there is almost no end to the fear that this culture cultivates.  Afraid to be seen as alternative, afraid of death, afraid of judgement, hell, abomination, apocalypse, crucifixion, persecution, the list is terrible, and since this religion is highly interpretive the list is really endless.  I have read church issued documents claiming that being vegetarian is a sign of demonic possession!  I say it is highly interpretive because there is absolutely no way the Bible could possibly be taken fully literally, or fully figuratively, it is just not possible, so one must have interpretation to try to make sense of it. This is the pastors work, to try to make sense of a jumble of translations to sooth the souls of the masses.  Why can’t one determine on their own what is righteous?  Fear maybe?

I think, when questioning things instilled in cultural programming it is critical to look at the benefit it has.  Is it helpful?  Is it benefiting people?  On the whole Christianity is surrounded by death, conflict, and serious disregard for independent thinking on the part of believers, regarding there own beliefs, and thus in life in general.  Now, I am not saying there is not some security with this ideology that is likely helpful for people, but I really feel that is all it is, a pretend security blanket, and when that security gets threatened, all that fear comes out in a tornado of conflict.

To be sure each individual has there own interpretation on what Christian means, each time someone tries to explain it to me, they say, well we are not like those Christians.  Let me be clear, I love my christian friends and family, although this post would certainly estrange some of them from me. I can no longer suggest that I accept the religion as something worth keeping.  It is so widespread that even in newer spiritual media often there are attempts to bridge the gap with the bible and growing consciousness (e.g. likening  gods voice in Genesis to the formational frequencies found in physics, and the eve story with suppressed womans empowerment).  I even find myself trying describe my own beliefs in a way so it can be spoonfeed  to the Christian people around me, so I don’t encounter the fear reaction.

I will continue to attempt to be polite to others beliefs, but I must state that the evidence I have encountered strongly suggests the text and dissemination of Christian ideology has been largely made up, and manipulated into the fear religion it is now.  This has been done to maintain the power of one intermediary between the people and “god”.  I see that Christs story has been edited to the extent of being misleading.  Personally, I seriously question if he died in the way that the bible suggests.  These aspects deserve more attention than a single blog will allow, so apologies for the brevity of large claims, and also this intermediary disease that is epidemic in our society deserves a blog of its own.

For the most part Christianity seems to be a story told by each individual to quiet existential fears, and it is largely flawed in a way that has devastating impacts.  One major element that is missing and cannot be denied, is the feminine principle of the divine.   The world is clearly out of balance with an oppressive patriarchy , a result of the genocide of goddess cultures.  This has to end. The Feminine element, the goddess, the earth mother, known by many names all over the world; Lakshmi, Kali, Panchamama, Gaia, Quan yin, Aluna, and so many more .  She is the proven “dark matter”, intelligent matrix of the universe.  But, she is so much more.  She holds the seeds necessary for life, because she created them, she holds our soul destiny and the path to spiritual redemption can only happen by going through her doors.

The earliest vestiges of the Christian faith and doctrines actually contained more of an element of this feminine presence.  To me this does not really authenticate that belief system any more, though.  I am more inclined to feel that just as the sacred days of the Goddess Religions have been turned into plastic, freakshow holidays, that the feminine element in ancient Christian terms was a way of assimilating old cultural beliefs that were more earth based.  Which brings us to Mary Magdalene.

I have not done enough research on Mary Magdalene to go deeply into her role with Christ.  I am inclined to appreciate the power of a strong marriage and union as a very potent way to share spiritual gifts with the world.  Very often the feminine nurturer remains relatively anonymous, while the masculine figures more prominently in social affairs.  This relative anonymity, however, should not ever be seen as non-active.   The unseen forces that propel creation are very active, and very important.  This can be seen in the way the soil nurtures the plants to grow, how rest is needed before the day, how thought comes before action.  What is invisible is constantly propelling what is manifest, and this is how I see many divine relationships.  The woman may seem almost invisible, but is still an integral piece in the whole functioning of a partnership.  I appreciate this as a need in any great masculine figure.  The wives seem to remain lesser known, yet they are vital to the balance needed for fervent growth.  It is critical for the further evolution of society to honor this feminine role.

The Divine Mothers way is not always easy, it does not always have a map, but it always promotes life, it always has heart, and she can be known intimately by each person. This divine mother must be nourished to restore and regenerate this planet, and our own spiritual wholeness. Many are sick, broken, and in a spiritual poverty that no money or drugs will be able to heal, we need to come back to the Mother.  I cannot suggest that there is any other way, because without nurturing our Mother, nothing can grow.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Christianity

  1. Thank you for sharing this. In many ways these thoughts are very deep and profound, but at the same time seem so simple and self-evident as you’ve expressed here. I’ve heard it also expressed once that given how much evil is done in the name of God and religion, that he has chosen not to reveal his wife or Mother in Heaven or her great and nurturing role in order to protect her from similar abuse. Whether true or not, I like that thought. Love is all that really matters. Thanks again. Very thought provoking and much appreciated.

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