Time for School!

Greetings Dear Ones,

I am so very excited to have found a program which I feel very passionately about attending.  I have recently applied to the American College of Health Sciences, where they offer a Holistic Health Practitioner degree.  I researched a lot of natural healing schools out there, and there was a lot of information to sift through!

This particular college is  nationally recognized by the DOE, which is nice because the courses would apply if I were to later decide to go for a masters or doctorate, also I can get federal funding.  There are a lot of Natural Healing schools out there, but how do you choose one with legitimate class load?  There are questionable accreditations, and unfounded health techniques. I knew I had to find something online since I am in Georgia, and there are no local programs.  I am definitely a fan of apprenticeships directly with professionals, but that was not forthcoming here either.  I chose this school through research of credentials, and by viewing the teacher bios and community ethics (Green Campus).  I could tell they have a good vision, and I  trust that the money put forth will be invested well.

I would love to focus solely on this education, and building a permaculture garden at Bluebird Ranch, so if anyone out there wants to help, then GO FUND ME HERE 🙂

**I would like to also extend a special thanks to Dan, who has been an amazing support on my ventures, you are a blessing! (Funded application process)


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