Sifu Detoxification Program

This is a comprehensive detoxification program to bring you to new levels of clarity and energy.  Do you feel like something has been weighing you down?  Do you feel you are not quite living your potential?  Here I share ancient teachings on purification and negativity clearing, as well as information on how to cope with modern toxicity.  This program offers you practical ways to release negativity and achieve a more vibrant life.  Feel better, lose weight, recover your beauty, and get motivated!   This is not a quick-fix, but an educational program to support you toward life-long wellness. Benefits of detoxification, especially when integrated into daily practice, offer life enhancing effects including, but not limited to:

Lower stress levels

Higher energy

Healthier body and body image

Mental clarity and increased productivity

Lower risk of many diseases

Ability to help others

Healthier Sexuality

Increased Confidence

Empowerment to make better decisions

More positive outlook on life

Release of negative patterns and self-defeating inclinations

  Program includes:

 4 Week Organic Herbal and Homeopathic Cleanse

6  coaching sessions to educate and support you

Counseling sessions and energy work for discounted rates

Yoga and Tai Chi for Detox

Muti-media to enhance experience

Journal to keep track of your experiences

Recipes for detoxifying dishes

About me : My name is Amora, and I have been dramatically changed by the process of spiritual and physical detoxification.  I became very ill to the point I could not leave my home.  I knew I needed a change.  I was fortunate to meet a master in indigenous medicine, with whom I have trained for several years.  I have worked with energy and negativity clearing, and studied nutrition, yoga, nursing, and I am a certified personal trainer and life coach.  I have worked on several organic farms and received and herbalist certification from Red Moon Herbs.  This program is not a quick fix, although you will get quick results, it is a lifestyle plan to help you achieve the greatest fulfillment in your life.  I am happier and more energized than ever, and I want to share that with you!

SIFU~ means master or teacher, this is a true master cleanse because it incorporates a holistic view of cleansing mind, body and spirit.  It is meant to be an educational experience so you can maintain the results sufficiently without further guidance.  Even so,  I will always  be available to answer questions! Amora S. 828-216-9177

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