The Beautiful Things

I wonder at the many women today with body image issues.  It seems every woman has a concern over some part of her body that is too imperfect.

What has caused this?  Where has it come from?  This takes place in bathrooms across the country, an obsession with a so-called imperfection of our body.  Thin women claim weight problems, and beautiful girls want a more seductive body.  Media is greatly to blame for this, but in order for this to influence us, we have to accept it.  Woman have always wanted to enhance their beauty, and to some degree, I think this can be artful, and healthy.  When did this desire become an obsession leading to tons of cosmetics and even body modification?  When did so many women become disabled by their negative feelings about their body?

What I see in meditation is great wars that the world has experienced.  I see genocide, tortures and horrific actions upon the earth and humans.  We are totally inundated by these negative images, experiences and influences.  How does the sensitivity of the soul digest these things?  I feel negative habits, toxic food, and harsh musical exposure all contribute to an inability to assimilate the struggles of this world.  It seems that some of us are so overwhelmed by the ugliness of the world we feel helpless, and turn against our own bodies, something we feel can be controlled.

The medicine I feel that can be helpful to this state is to bring a greater awareness to all the things that are influencing you.  Music, T.V., Family, and Friends, are these relationships reflecting to you beauty?  If you are not receiving enough beauty, how will you ever feel beautiful?   I make beautiful, fresh foods with vibrant colors, listen to uplifting music, and watch inspirational videos.  I take in negative events, but when I do I take extra care to assimilate them in a way that is not shocking for the soul.  I find the places in my life where I make things more beautiful without criticizing perceived imperfections.  Imperfection, after all, is fully subjective.  This has helped me greatly to reconnect with an inner beauty that allows me to take off the make-up and feel confident in my bare-feet, because this is the way I was divinely created to interact, and you were too!

Art: Autumn Sky Morrison

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