Healing Femininity

There is a specific biological function of the male and female in creating life.  This also extends to a special spiritual function of the masculine and feminine in the development of the soul.

There has been an agenda to relegate the woman to little more than a sexual icon.  This has recently been prevalent in the social acceptance of plastic body parts being represented as encompassing a female. This is incredibly superficial and dangerous to the beauty of being a woman.  Much of the wisdom that the feminine offers the world is internal.  Conception, intuition, creating loving bonds in community, giving birth.  Some of these are attributes that men and woman can hold, and they encompass the true essence of the essential medicine women can provide to the world.

To empower divine masculinity the woman must be able to honor and express her unique wisdom.  It is clear in many ways that the linear, patriarchal system has been leading to disaster.  Are men truly to blame for this imbalance?  Is it not a woman’s responsibility to offer the heart perspective to the creating of social regimes?   This is a complex issue, and each person has a different role in how they manage their own sexuality, but balance is essential for the health of humanity.  Woman are challenged to traverse new pathways to courageously express herself in this time where woman’s mysteries have been oppressed for so long.

I see many ways in which the current structure devalues traditional womens roles, and expression of creativity.  We offer much respect to the business man, while the homemaker is often seen as irrelevant.  In conversations men and woman of equal education will find the male is taken with more seriousness.  Media has done its job to create the image of senseless, sex objects out of woman. We have also taken the preciousness out of the birthing process which is having a profoundly adverse affect on the souls entering the world today, as well as leaving many mothers feeling helpless during a time where they should be most empowered.

There are many aspects to address here.  How do girls respond to media pressure and influences?  How do we initiate curriculum and social structures that are considerate to the natural creativity of a woman?  I see a need to encourage beauty in sexuality, honoring fertility and menstruation.  Woman need to be informed on the amazing dignity of bringing a soul to this earth, and how to do this in a nurturing way.  There needs to be more exposure to the spiritual essence of the masculine and feminine, and how these aspects when working in harmony can create a truly nirvanic experience. This is a path of knowledge that can open to a greater sense of purpose and connection with life.  This is a path to honor the Divine Mother as expressed through woman on earth, and is critically needed in the world today.

I offer instruction on embracing the divine feminine, and below are a few resources that I recommend.

Blessed Be~

Womb Wisdom:Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine

The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

Suppressed Histories

Spiritual Midwifery

Guerrilla Midwife

2 thoughts on “Healing Femininity

  1. Amora,

    You have a unique gift of being able to see and articulate some very complex problems in today’s world and then offer ideas and solutions that are beautifully simple when you really think about it. Couldn’t agree with you more on what you wrote here. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

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