Pure Energy

Energy crises,

As we are weakened, disconnected from the life source we take to stealing energy.

We begin taking energy from the earth and pollute for the sake of ease.

The ease of not changing,  not facing our misdirection.

For this is what it is, misdirection.  A fault until it is fixed, finding ones way back.

The further we go the harder to get back.

This earth is majestic, radiant, powerful, yet a small stitch in the Mothers long cloak.  Time is nothing, consciousness is everything.

Turning the tides is but a heartbeat away.  The angelic soul is singing, healing as we go along.

These hands have built things here, and it is an art.  I claim it as mine,

but there is no creation without teacher, elements and nature.

There is no “I”, only a compilation of elements brought together with intent.

This intent, the expression of the Mother, this is one pure thought,  “I love”.

The thought that arises from the matrix.

I can only be an emanation, a reflection and accumulation of this energy.

This is peace.  There is  loving radiance that flows, and I know all is truly love,

a labor of love.

 At the moment, our collective attitude imprisons .. energy in matter. This imprisonment is reflected in our present science, which requires that we use force to release the energy in matter in the volatile and dangerous form of nuclear energy.

But when there is a balanced flow between the inner and outer, matter can respond and release its energy freely.

Vaughan-Lee, Llewellyn (2009-11-01). The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul (p. 87).

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