Soul Compass

Lonesome wayfarer, traveled so far from home.  Looking for love, wisdom, satisfactions.  Across many rivers, and through the deserts of unhappiness.

There was a vision of abundance in your heart, but the paths all seem to run to oblivion.

Where is the map, that is sure to exist?

Reading books, medicating, adventuring, none have led the way of your dream.

Many roads say they lead where you seek, but the signs are placed by other travelers, lost also.

There was a quiet voice pointing the way,

it has been hushed by convenience, blinded by cynicism, and drowned out by popularity

Yet, the voice remains, a compass once thought to be broken, it leads a way that seems uncertain.

Yet as you open to trust and to follow, you will find the soul is speaking there

with infinite wisdom, and the loving courage to prevail,

following this you will be forced to delve into your creativity, your darkness, and most importantly your bright light.

The compass is there, waiting for you to listen once again.

I felt the soul was a broken navigation piece and so I set out to do it on my own, and became very lost indeed.

To trust the soul fully, to empower and nourish it to its full expression is the medicine I need

Too many days I wondered what I should do

How to behave, how to engage

All along the soul knew what to do

To function with integrity is to honor this guidance system

The love story of meeting the soul continues

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