Ammas Embrace

“Just as our bodies need proper food to live and develop, our souls need love to blossom. The strength and nourishment that love can give our souls is even more potent than the nourishing power of a mother’s milk for a baby.”   Amma

Meeting Amma, and experiencing her embrace, was a very powerful culmination of my work to understand the mother essence.  Amma, means mother, and this world renowned Indian guru holds motherly love beautifully.

In ancient times there were cultures who understood and revered the “cradle of life”.  The miracle of womanhood is to bring spirit into form, to give birth to life, and to nurture life through ones own body.  This is sacred, but has been relegated to a mundane chore for many modern women.  The amazing power of the womb has remained secret to women today. The affect of this disengagement with the art of creating life in a sacred manner has been that humanity has become disconnected from the earth mother, and the soul life.  How can we aspire to live without reverence for the life force? How do we love the soul?

I have been interested in Ammas work (, for many years.  Her selfless service includes a simple practice that is  incredibly powerful.  She offers hugs and prayers, to whoever will come to her.  This is Darshan, and sometimes thousands of people come to be embraced.  The opportunity to attend darshan in America is rare, so I am feeling really blessed that she visited Atlanta while I was here.

As I delve into the beauty of the soul, and the nurturing of the Earth Mother, I have noticed that I have incredible difficulty receiving love, and feeling safe in my environment. I have experienced many conflicts in my life and in some ways my trust with divinity felt shattered.  In the Kogi tradition, when you are born, the birth mother holds you as if she is the divine mother holding your soul here.  This is so the new being knows it is safe, and loved physically and spiritually. My soul needed this moment.

As I watched Amma giving so much, I realized her vulnerability.  Giving to each person, with nothing but the divine love holding her.  As I came forward for the embrace, I was able to surrender fully, and it was clear, she was radiating this pristine motherly love that I needed to receive, to nourish my soul.  In this moment, I saw her radiant connection to the spiritual light, strengthening a web of light between participants.    I perceived how hatred and arrogance can damage this web, and then we are left feeling weak and fractured.  At once I knew that I could strengthen this web through honoring my relationships more deeply.   I could always feel uplifted in this motherly grace as I nurtured the web of peace in my life.  The great surrender to Motherly love was deeply healing, and I aspire to consciously support this web of light, that unites the souls and earth, and to encourage receptivity to the abundant spiritual river flowing throughout life.

Thank you Amma, for your work and LOVE!

Please check out the documentary “Darshan, the Embrace” if you want to learn more


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