Goddess Power

Women today struggle deeply with coming into a sense of power in their lives. This is reflected in low self image, obsessive disorders, and frustration.  When we feel a sense of wholeness and power our true light can shine, and we can handle difficult situations with more ease.  In this blog, I will discuss a few elements blocking women from their inner power .

The biggest challenge for women today is understanding how fully male dominated our systems truly are.  This is not a call to admonish men, because there are always two sides to a power struggle.  Yet, to understand and embrace feminine potential, there are many social structures that we have taken for granted that act counter to  the natural functioning of women.

In our educational system, for example, the way things are taught is extremely linear.  While this helps when building logical structures, woman’s power lies in creating.  This is clear from our biological make-up.  We are built to create, taking multiple elements from the environment to synthesize nourishing life arts.    Often the education system teaches repetition, which can create a subtle sense of inferiority in girls, as they are not able to express this creative urge. This type of restrictive  mental training will shape our entire life.

Activities such as art, cooking, making medicines, gardening, teaching, birthing, healing, and sacred dance, are ways that women can utilize this innate creative potential in an inspiring and essential way.   These natural forms of healing arts seem to be subject to the most social scrutiny, and tend to be marginalized.  Cultivating these arts often takes second place to the career path, or they become another part of the race for success.

Success lies in the cultivation of the soul.  If this is deficient in ones life, often it will be manifest in obsessive over-achievements which leave many women drained, and unhappy.  Success is seen in terms of business, money, and image.   This is a very masculine and external view, that undermines another powerful aspect of women.  Women in their creative synergy are fueled by, and empowered by harmonizing human relationships.  This should happen naturally in the family dynamic, and extend into society through work, and partnership.

By harmonizing relationships with her creative energy, a woman can create a web of influence that nurtures her.  This web is essential to the strength of the women, and has been damaged by competition and “type A” personality disorder.  These common issues block the ability to relate with others authentically, leaving the women feeling isolated, and dependent.  To regenerate the web needed for the empowered woman, she must look closely at the relationships in her life, and her interactions, aspiring to nurture more, and eliminate drains on her energy.

Lastly, it is good for the goddess inspired woman to acknowledge that most of the feminine spiritual arts have been destroyed.  Many women seeking soul healing delve into spiritual arts that were created for masculine spiritual ascension.   This includes many forms of yoga,  and meditation.  Much yoga was created for male bodies, with the goal of transcendence.  This linear path drains women of their essential creative energy.  For a woman, deep earth connection is needed, more than transcendence.  This connection will unlock her natural wisdom, and help her flow with the cycles of nature in a way that is liberating to her creative energy.

These are a few examples of what is needed for true feminine power training. Unlocking the creative heart from the logical matrix, honoring healing, living arts, and finding balance in connections rather than aspirations; will help every women achieve greater empowerment in her life.  Blessed Be Goddesses!


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