A Sacred Journey

Dear family, friends, and whoever may come to read this, I have been very ill this year.  Since last summer I have been dealing with a life threatening illness (severe adrenal crisis).  In this time I have been very blessed with job flexibility, and have been limited to work and  bed rest.  Fortunately, it seems the worst is over, but upon this recovery I felt I wanted to share something about this journey.   In this year of being unable to do the many activities I love,  I realized a great many things about myself. In this life we have a soul journey, we should find that path that is fulfilling for the heart. Do not give up on your dreams, do not take life for granted.  Treat your body well, that is your home here.  Stop worrying too much, stop trying to please or fix the wrong people, when you could support the right ones.  Each day is a new day to do your best.   The hardest part of not being able to function normally was the regrets that I did not allow myself more freedom to love myself, to discover the amazing things I could do.  We each have the potential to do exactly what we love, we are creators here.  What is  standing in our way is but our own doubts and fears.   Life is so precious, protect what is essential, love fully, liberate the heart, and stand in authentic sovereignty.  Tomorrow may be too late.

Though there were times when I was afraid I could not get well again, and times I could not even get up, and I maintained only through a lot of humility and tears, I always knew there was more for me to do in this life.  I have been quiet  about a lot of this because I trusted the soul to bring me through, I trusted the wisdom of nature to share with me the path to healing.  There are a great many challenges presented before each one of us, but this should be anticipated and appreciated.  Coming through this time has brought me greater peace, self awareness and connection to the divinity within myself and in all of life.  I feel absolutely blessed and humbled to be alive and able to share this journey.

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