In this world many are  fighting for the things that they want

And so it is, and shall remain

But to sit in the serenity of the heart,

one will find all the things we need come to us freely

Along the flowing love song of the rivers, trees and herbs will continue to grow

Our role as caretaker of the beautiful things of Earth is noble

But like the most precious flower, this too will wither and fade

Leaving only the gem of the spirit, however cared for or neglected

What wisdom has been gained?

  Anguish pushes this treasure deeper from consciousness,

But through sorrows we learn to see from the eyes of the universe,

What is worth protecting, where can we be more courageous?

What beautiful secret of the soul can you bring forward,

To be the amrita, the healing, that comes in the  space of gratitude for life

Art: Autumn Sky Morrison

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