Message from the Mountain

As global environmental concerns rise in the collective, so do demonstrations and protests.  There is a common conviction held with concerned communities to push for government assistance in combating climate change.  From a shamanic and spiritual perspective, this will not solve problems but create them.

I work closely with sacred sites to re-learn the fundamental ways of taking care of nature.  I started this healing work to preserve natural places of wonder, and the closer I became to Mother Earth the more I heard her voice.  She knows what she needs to heal, what we need to do is learn how to listen again.

I hear the voice of Mt. Hood, I expect a very eloquent prose, but what I heard was practical, and clear:

“the people are involved with all types of demonstrations, it doesn’t help.  It does not bring them closer to their heart or teach them how to function with nature.  It’s embarrassing, and they will lose their freedom.”

The truth resounds deeply.  Why should we attempt to restructure government/social policy and thereby reinforce the powers that created the problem to begin?  Why is it so difficult to listen to the elders who knew how to take care of the earth?  The few remaining intact indigenous cultures understand the needed truth.  This is a request for self-accountability and a warning, if you expect the answer to come from external agencies, you risk losing your own autonomy.

It is time to go within.  Discontinue battles and find your own spiritual function with nature again.  The alienation causes the problematic behavior.  Just one person in a community holding the ancestral wisdom, the ancient wisdom of divine attunement with nature can begin the healing of an entire region. Nothing will benefit until a person can heal and understand his or her own unique relationship with Gaia.  It begins with self-healing, self-knowledge.

It is not incredibly difficult to become a steward and lightholder for the Mother earth again.  She can guide you on exactly what needs to be done to balance.  We have forgotten this awesome power of creation that is already a self-regenerative, intelligent master of healing.  Remembering her purpose and voice is what the earth and the people truly need to shift the transformation of the world to one of harmony and ecological balance.

Sri Nirinjan Kaur

Shaman and Healer utilizing ancestral knowledge to balance ecology and spirit

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