Natural Beauty Tip Tuesday

The most overlooked beauty diminisher…

is in your shower!!

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Easy Morning Parfait (Vegan, GF)

Change up your morning routine and add a little fun (and nutrition).  I love these parfaits, they are so versatile.  An extra bonus is a link to a great granola recipe!

Power Parfaits

¾ cup your favorite gluten-free granola (link below)

1 ½ cups vegan yogurt

2 bananas

1 Tbsp. chia seeds

fresh fruit chopped

Toppers (pomegranate arils, chopped nuts, granola, spirulina,  pumpkin seeds etc…)


In 3 containers approx.. 1 cup size line bottom with 1/8 cup granola each

In a bowl mash 1 ½ banana and mix with yogurt and chia seeds, if using unsweetened yogurt you may want to add some agave nectar.

Split the yogurt into the three bowls

Top with fresh fruit, banana, and toppers

Let sit overnight in the refrigerator to allow the chia seeds to soak

Easy Granola Recipe (make sure to get GF oats if this is your diet!)


Heal the Healer program

Heal the Healer Program

Take your practice to the next level!

Revive your energy  ҉  Recover your passion  ҉   Access your potential  ҉   Brighten your light

Reach deeper levels of healing in your practice


Protect your energy field

Clear negativity

Align with soul clients

Natural self care

Complimentary modalities

Access your inner wisdom with more clarity




Yoga instructors

Massage therapists

Energy workers



Midwives and Doulas

…and anyone looking to deepen their heart practice…



Heal the Healer Program

This program is designed for the beautiful souls who have dedicated their life to supporting others.  Learn ways to deepen your practice while preserving your own energy and integrity.  Be supported in your practice energetically and learn ways to cope with invasive energies, screen clients, clear chakras, raise your vibration, and refine your practice through balancing the natural environment.

You will receive a monthly nutrition assessment, 3 training sessions( live or remote) per month, energetic support while you are with clients, ongoing vibrational screening to assist your individual wellness needs, individualized detox and holistic health plans, a chance to recover your greatest potential, and learn how shine your angelic light even further. 

My name is Amora and I have apprenticed for 7 years with a highly revered shaman of the light from the Andean mountains.  I am deeply tuned with the harmonic frequencies of Panchamama and the angelic forces.  Let me share this wisdom with you to co-create a community of peace and to assist you as we shift into a paradigm of holding greater light and healing for Mother Earth. 

҉  Packages include 10% OFF for my other services (Energy healing sessions, natural health and nutritional protocols, home clearings, building sanctuary, and detoxification programs.)

҉  Minimum 1 month commitment, Recommended 3 month minimum

҉  Packages prepaid in full receive a free Energy Healing session valued at $75 (may include room rental fee)

҉  Referral credit of 10% of package down payment when you refer someone (eg. Refer someone who signs up for the  Angelic Light program and receive $65 cash or credit towards your program. )

Rate Tier and Bonus

Package Months Monthly Rate Accumulative Bonus Down payment
Detox 3 280 EO Protection Blend 280
Protection 6 260 +50% OFF Energy Session 500
Healing 9 230 ++20%OFF All Services 550
Angelic Light 12 200 +++Free Home Clearing 650
*More plans available. Let’s find what works for you!


Free Consultation

Amora 470-225-9316


Vegan Cacao Power Balls

Are you on the go?  These are the perfect quick to make, easy to store go-to snack for those on the run!  Just be careful they stay cool!

Cacao Power Balls Recipe

Prep time: 25 mins

Serves: 26
A delicious rich chocolate protein power ball perfect for a pre- and post-workout for energy and refueling.
1 cup raw cashews, unsalted
1/3 cup agave nectar
1/2 cup almond butter, unsweetened

1/4 cup sunflower seed butter
1 cup raw cacao powder
3/4 cup coconut oil (Soft, but not melted)
1/4 cup hemp hearts, or sunflower seeds
3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
2 Tbsp Cacoa nibs (sweetened)

Optional: Maca, protein powder, or any powder supplement
Process the cashews on high in food processor for 20-30 seconds until they are finely gounded
Add in all the remaining ingredients into the container and pulse until a dough/batter has formed.
Different products can produce different results, so if mixture is crumbly, add more butter, if too soft, refrigerate slightly.
Transfer batter to another bowl (taste the batter to make sure sweet enough for your liking)
Measure out approximately 1 Tbsp size of the batter and roll in to a ball that is compact. Roll in coconut shreds.  Store in either the fridge or freezer


In this world many are  fighting for the things that they want

And so it is, and shall remain

But to sit in the serenity of the heart,

one will find all the things we need come to us freely

Along the flowing love song of the rivers, trees and herbs will continue to grow

Our role as caretaker of the beautiful things of Earth is noble

But like the most precious flower, this too will wither and fade

Leaving only the gem of the spirit, however cared for or neglected

What wisdom has been gained?

  Anguish pushes this treasure deeper from consciousness,

But through sorrows we learn to see from the eyes of the universe,

What is worth protecting, where can we be more courageous?

What beautiful secret of the soul can you bring forward,

To be the amrita, the healing, that comes in the  space of gratitude for life

Art: Autumn Sky Morrison

A Sacred Journey

Dear family, friends, and whoever may come to read this, I have been very ill this year.  Since last summer I have been dealing with a life threatening illness (severe adrenal crisis).  In this time I have been very blessed with job flexibility, and have been limited to work and  bed rest.  Fortunately, it seems the worst is over, but upon this recovery I felt I wanted to share something about this journey.   In this year of being unable to do the many activities I love,  I realized a great many things about myself. In this life we have a soul journey, we should find that path that is fulfilling for the heart. Do not give up on your dreams, do not take life for granted.  Treat your body well, that is your home here.  Stop worrying too much, stop trying to please or fix the wrong people, when you could support the right ones.  Each day is a new day to do your best.   The hardest part of not being able to function normally was the regrets that I did not allow myself more freedom to love myself, to discover the amazing things I could do.  We each have the potential to do exactly what we love, we are creators here.  What is  standing in our way is but our own doubts and fears.   Life is so precious, protect what is essential, love fully, liberate the heart, and stand in authentic sovereignty.  Tomorrow may be too late.

Though there were times when I was afraid I could not get well again, and times I could not even get up, and I maintained only through a lot of humility and tears, I always knew there was more for me to do in this life.  I have been quiet  about a lot of this because I trusted the soul to bring me through, I trusted the wisdom of nature to share with me the path to healing.  There are a great many challenges presented before each one of us, but this should be anticipated and appreciated.  Coming through this time has brought me greater peace, self awareness and connection to the divinity within myself and in all of life.  I feel absolutely blessed and humbled to be alive and able to share this journey.

Holistic Apprenticeship Registration Now Open!

Holistic Wellness Apprenticeship Program

Cultivating ground for transformational awareness in relationships,

for the environment, your body, and soul

Link to Flyer

Link to Video

¥ Shamanic Clearing ¥ Whole Body Health ¥ Spiritual Healing ¥ Natural Wellness

Find your self-love and inner healing through a 9 month tele-program, geared to teach you how to express your creativity, awaken your spirit, and how to live in optimal wellness.  We will cover healing chakras, healthy cooking, shamanic soul recovery, organic gardening, spiritual ecology, and so much more!

This personal apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to learn about herbal remedies and making natural medicine, creating sacred space, cultivating divine sexuality, and living in harmony with nature.  There will be weekly sessions by phone or skype, with interactive material and creative engagement.

Learn how to reach optimal health in the body, and in your  relationships.  Discover how to connect with your passion, and heal the earth.  Each session is specifically formatted for your level of spirituality and health, so you can reach your own wellness goals, as well as engage in a deeply transformative journey.

If you are ready to bring forth your inner beauty, detox your life, and discover your soul mission, I invite you to take flight on a mystical journey to inner knowing!

9 month apprenticeship is a love based reciprocity of $1211

You will receive 1-2 weekly private lessons

Multi-media learning resources

Continual email support

Local networking

Sacred work engagement opportunities

Holistic Health Perspective

Essay on Holistic Health

Despite popular belief that America provides some of the best medical care in the world, recent studies by the World Health Organization and Commonwealth Fund concluded that the U.S. is lagging behind other developed countries. In the past decade, there have been increased cases of infant mortality, autism, and breast cancer, showing a trend of health decline in America.  This is a complex field, which demands holistic perspectives to move forward in a beneficial way for society.

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A Sacred journey

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Bruce Lee

“Imagination is the first step to creation”

6. Be in the Heart!

This is the most important thing you can do for yourself.  The heart is where infinity lies, the heart is truly courageous, and here lies your capacity to reach your fullest potential.  Our hearts have been neglected and undermined in the world of over rationalization.  We have been told we  need to define and box our experiences, and this keeps us very limited.  You are much more than a sister, mother, friend, employee etc.  You can safely transcend these roles while staying loyal to them.  Being in the heart requires you stay true to…

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