Heal the Healer program

Heal the Healer Program

Take your practice to the next level!

Revive your energy  ҉  Recover your passion  ҉   Access your potential  ҉   Brighten your light

Reach deeper levels of healing in your practice


Protect your energy field

Clear negativity

Align with soul clients

Natural self care

Complimentary modalities

Access your inner wisdom with more clarity




Yoga instructors

Massage therapists

Energy workers



Midwives and Doulas

…and anyone looking to deepen their heart practice…



Heal the Healer Program

This program is designed for the beautiful souls who have dedicated their life to supporting others.  Learn ways to deepen your practice while preserving your own energy and integrity.  Be supported in your practice energetically and learn ways to cope with invasive energies, screen clients, clear chakras, raise your vibration, and refine your practice through balancing the natural environment.

You will receive a monthly nutrition assessment, 3 training sessions( live or remote) per month, energetic support while you are with clients, ongoing vibrational screening to assist your individual wellness needs, individualized detox and holistic health plans, a chance to recover your greatest potential, and learn how shine your angelic light even further. 

My name is Anastasia and I have apprenticed for 7 years with a highly revered shaman of the light from the Andean mountains.  I am deeply tuned with the harmonic frequencies of Panchamama and the angelic forces.  Let me share this wisdom with you to co-create a community of peace and to assist you as we shift into a paradigm of holding greater light and healing for Mother Earth. 

҉  Packages include 10% OFF for my other services (Energy healing sessions, natural health and nutritional protocols, home clearings, building sanctuary, and detoxification programs.)

҉  Minimum 1 month commitment, Recommended 3 month minimum

҉  Packages prepaid in full receive a free Energy Healing session valued at $75 (may include room rental fee)

҉  Referral credit of 10% of package down payment when you refer someone (eg. Refer someone who signs up for the  Angelic Light program and receive $65 cash or credit towards your program. )

Rate Tier and Bonus

Package Months Monthly Rate Accumulative Bonus Down payment
Detox 3 280 EO Protection Blend 280
Protection 6 260 +50% OFF Energy Session 500
Healing 9 230 ++20%OFF All Services 550
Angelic Light 12 200 +++Free Home Clearing 650
*More plans available. Let’s find what works for you!


Free Consultation





Goddess Power

Women today struggle deeply with coming into a sense of power in their lives. This is reflected in low self image, obsessive disorders, and frustration.  When we feel a sense of wholeness and power our true light can shine, and we can handle difficult situations with more ease.  In this blog, I will discuss a few elements blocking women from their inner power .

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Holistic Apprenticeship Registration Now Open!

Holistic Wellness Apprenticeship Program

Cultivating ground for transformational awareness in relationships,

for the environment, your body, and soul

Link to Flyer

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¥ Shamanic Clearing ¥ Whole Body Health ¥ Spiritual Healing ¥ Natural Wellness

Find your self-love and inner healing through a 9 month tele-program, geared to teach you how to express your creativity, awaken your spirit, and how to live in optimal wellness.  We will cover healing chakras, healthy cooking, shamanic soul recovery, organic gardening, spiritual ecology, and so much more!

This personal apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to learn about herbal remedies and making natural medicine, creating sacred space, cultivating divine sexuality, and living in harmony with nature.  There will be weekly sessions by phone or skype, with interactive material and creative engagement.

Learn how to reach optimal health in the body, and in your  relationships.  Discover how to connect with your passion, and heal the earth.  Each session is specifically formatted for your level of spirituality and health, so you can reach your own wellness goals, as well as engage in a deeply transformative journey.

If you are ready to bring forth your inner beauty, detox your life, and discover your soul mission, I invite you to take flight on a mystical journey to inner knowing!

9 month apprenticeship is a love based reciprocity of $1211

You will receive 1-2 weekly private lessons

Multi-media learning resources

Continual email support

Local networking

Sacred work engagement opportunities

Sifu Detoxification Program

This is a comprehensive detoxification program to bring you to new levels of clarity and energy.  Do you feel like something has been weighing you down?  Do you feel you are not quite living your potential?  Here I share ancient teachings on purification and negativity clearing, as well as information on how to cope with modern toxicity.  This program offers you practical ways to release negativity and achieve a more vibrant life.  Feel better, lose weight, recover your beauty, and get motivated!   This is not a quick-fix, but an educational program to support you toward life-long wellness. Continue reading

Benefits of Lifecoaching

Each day we are faced with challenges that can affect our balance and sense of purpose in life.  Today there are millions of people facing chronic illness, relationship problems, eating disorders, and addictions of all sorts.  Many people are depressed and feel powerless to change.  Do you feel there is more to life than what you are experiencing?  More happiness, joy,  or deeper connections?  All this is waiting for you, but sometimes we need some extra support to remember the vibrant purpose of our life, and we could use specific guidance to get on track to emotional wellness.

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