Healing Programs

Health Coaching Monthly Plan $80

Energy Clearing Session $75

Home Clearing Session $50

Holistic Apprenticeship 9 Month Program $1277

Sifu Detoxification Program $377

Kids Crafting: Intro to Conscious World Art  $TBD

Group Classes $15 per person (3 person minimum)

**Rates listed at lowest possible cost to ensure accessibility for all walks of life

* Detoxification* Meditation*Stress and Life Management Skills *Chakra Healing  *Dreamwork and Tarot Readings *Negativity Clearing *Empyreal Nutrition  *Vegan/ Gluten Free Cooking *Nurture the Divine Feminine and Masculine * Deepen Relationships*Karmic Clearing* Gaia Reconnection * Clearing toxic Patterns of Behavior *Sacred Ecology * Recover the Soul Destiny *Vision Questing *Manifesting Intents * Build Sacred and Sustainable Community*

Transform Your Life!

Call for a Free Consultation Today!

Amora Sattva 828-216-9177

Amora Sattva  is a Certified Life Coach, Holistic Consultant and Personal Trainer, and has been practicing alternative healing methods for over a decade. Whether you are looking to empower your life or do your part for the Mother Earth, Amora has the right medicine for your heart. She has studied nutrition and has various herbal medicine training, including an intensive with Red Moon Herbs. She has delved deeply into the spiritual and sustainable life and has done her work in cultivating a life of clarity and integrity which she can share with you. Currently, she is living at Bluebird Ranch, nestled in the North Georgia Mountains, and is deeply involved with her spiritual apprenticeship in indigenous medicines and earth energies, with the Koginka Sewa Aluna Foundation. She is pursuing studies in traditional roles of healing women from across the globe.

There is an authentic light and soul path for each individual, let Amora help you recover your hearts potential, and transform your life!

For centuries many cultures have relied on spiritual masters to help guide their spiritual life in a positive way. Much of this wisdom was guarded and disseminated only to chosen scholars of the healing arts. With the sad destruction of these rich spiritual cultures many of these masters are now sharing this esoteric knowledge to preserve what they can of their teachings. Amora has been  blessed to study with a highly skilled Andean shaman and Yogi.*, as well as work with guidance of the Kogi Mamos, spiritual Masters of one of the worlds only remaining intact indigenous cultures. With great love and respect she is passing along these sacred teachings that are a pathway to true self transformation and Earth healing.

 **(embraced in the lineages of Ramana Maharshi, Mila Repa and Bruce Lee)

All you need is closer than you think!



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