Conscious Films


Powerful small clips!

Abuelo Grillo

We are all One!

Unsung Hero

Never Give up!

“She’s Alive”


“Ho’o pono pono”

“The Pain of Separation”


Must see movies!

“Aluna” An ancient culture steps into the modern world to show us what we can do to heal the Earth

“From the heart of the World“(full length) An ancient people, untouched by the modern world have a message to share, will we listen?  

“The Business of Being Born”(Full Length) Beautiful and insightful look at the most critical moment in life

“Serving the Spirit of the Mountain; Michel Domit”(full length)
Michael Domit reconnects with the voice of nature in a most extraordinary way to create one of the most beautiful residences on earth.  This shows the amazing feats possible when we tune in harmony with our world.  I could watch this movie every day, so many inspiring messages.

“Inner Worlds Outer Worlds”(full length)
Reawaken your spiritual path with this beautiful film bringing together many pieces of the journey to consciousness.

“Home”(full length)
Not just another environmental documentary, a power packed message with breathtaking filming, I think everyone should watch this!

“Thrive”(full length)
Do you question why society seems to hold many answers to the problems we face today, yet for some reason it feels like we keep moving backward?  A well cited film on some hard truths we are facing with some great insight on what we can do to create real positive change.  

“What in the World are they Spraying?”(full length)
Don’t be afraid, just informed.  Watch it and ask questions.

“Astral City” Full length
A powerful, channeled movie about one mans journey in the afterlife.  What will we have when we cross over, what will be awaiting us?

Michael Tellinger: Ancient Civilizations and Free Energy
“Gonawindua”15 minutes
The essence of the Kogi portrayed in their timeless relationship with the cosmos and earth.

“Genetic Roulette”trailer
What you need to know about GMO’s.  This is so important to be informed of today when disease is becoming more evident in our daily lives.

“Plan Colombia”(full length)
Why is the U.S. Government fumigating families in Colombia?  This documentary shows the tragic reality of a government without controls.  Ask yourself if someone can do this so easily to another country, what prevents them from doing it to their own people?

“Garbage Warrior”(full length)
I absolutely love this guy.  The amazing design of earthships and their architect on a mission to build more sustainably.  

“Dhamma Brothers, Vipassana”(Trailer)
What happens when you take meditation practice into one of the most violent places on earth?  The results are amazing.  This is a deeply touching story of inmates who practice vipassana meditation with an ending you must see to believe.

“I am”(Full Length)
This documentary explores one mans personal journey after a near fatal bicycle accident, how do we fit and relate to our world today to find deep fulfillment?

“Guerilla Midwife”trailer
My hero, Robin Lim, in a discussion about bringing souls into the world in a safe, healthy way

“Peaceful Warrior”trailer
True story about an olympic gymnast recovering spirit with the help of a gas station attendant/modern sage.  This movie touched and changed me on very deep levels as it shows the lessons within the challenges we face to become whole within ourselves. 


More Great Movies….

“Darshan, (the Embrace)”  The hugging saint from India, one of my first spiritual inspirations

Resonance:Beings of Frequency Well worth watching documentary on the earth frequency and how it affects us

The Awakening ( Full Length)

The Animal Communicator(Full Length)

“Sophia; Returning to Planetary Tantra”(Trailer)


11th Hour

Chasing Ice


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