“I genuinely enjoyed the experience[of our energy healing session]!  Thank you for making me feel safe and comfortable.  I appreciate your wisdom, guidance, and love for my new awakening. I’m both excited and nervous, but I’m positive that with your skills I will not be misguided.”


Anastasia offers wellness counseling services in a constructive and inspiring manner. Clients gain insight regarding their lifestyle choices within minutes of speaking with her and are eager to make informed changes regarding their health.

She has cultivated and maintained a healthy supply of organic vegetables and herbs for all our meals and cures. Her expertise in organic agriculture has  created a healthier community.

Susan Grager

“I have worked with Anastasia in the past. I found her a warm, open minded person. She has a special way of explaining situations from an objective point of view and showing different perspectives. She is calm, wise, and intuitive. I really enjoyed working with her, and found that she can help others grow by using her own experiences with personal growth and struggles. Overall, I can vouch that Anastasia is someone who has lived and discovered the beauty in life. ”


“Anastasia was such a welcome addition to our women’s retreat. She showed the women ways to cook healthy without compromising on taste. She answered all of our ladies’ questions and I would recommend her to help your group or organization with a natural, simple lifestyle that is also kind to the earth:)”
Cherokee Whole Health Retreats

“Anastasia did an outstanding job…she was helpful and motivating to students, and was eager to learn various personal training skills.  Anastasia was also open to working with a variety of clients listening to their specific needs.”
Kelly Harrison YMCA

“I would like to take a moment to share my appreciation for this [vibrational] reader. I was unsure of what to expect during the reading, as I am newly entering the art…. She was very knowledgeable and delicate in answering my questions. She assisted me to form a clear and concise question with the situation I was seeking guidance with. As we delved into the reading she explained fully what she perceived the message for me was… Those messages that I received resonated deeply with my heart and I understood immediately how the Divine was directing me to transform and overcome the challenges I am working with. This reader is a heart truly in service to other hearts.”

~ robin

“My experience working with Anastasia has been very transformational.  Her gentle yet empowering approach to training is very effective.  She was able to intuitively see my personal needs and offer just the support I was looking for.  Her inspiration has allowed me to reach a whole new level of body consciousness.”
~Megan H.

“Anastasias’ cooking is comfort food. It satisfies all of your cravings with healthy ingredients. She is creative with her recipes and they always make you feel good after you eat her dishes, both mentally and physically. She really knows nutrition and how to prepare dishes pleasing to the palate as well as to the soul.”


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